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Equine athletes not only need correct training and feeding, they also benefit from massage therapy and well-being support to give them that winning edge.

Equissage Pulse cyclotherapy massage offers a range of well-documented health benefits for your horse to help keep him on top form and performing at his best. Safe, easy-to-use, non-aggressive and non-invasive, when used on a daily basis to give a deeply beneficial circulatory massage it can…

  • enhance performance
  • improve stride length and joint flexion
  • relieve stress

In addition, it can be used for regular strapping, which can help to build and strengthen muscle, and promote relaxation.

The Equissage Pulse is an easy-to-use backpad that sits over the withers to provide a deep, non- aggressive vibrational sensation that’s proven to provide a deep body massage throughout the whole horse. Equissage Pulse can be used daily at home and is also highly transportable, so can be easily stowed to take to events and competitions.

Team Equissage have teamed up with Horse&Rider magazine to offer one lucky rider the opportunity to receive a training bursary worth around £4,500! Find out more here.

For more information on the Equissage Pulse, please contact Team Equissage on 0800 066 9958 or visit niagaraequissage.com 


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