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Five signs you own a native

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Exmoor ponies, British native pony breed


From shedding enough hair to fashion a new pony to being totally unflustered after a pheasant makes a hasty exit from a hedge, here are five signs your equine bestie is a native.

  1. Jack of all trades He’s the epitome of versatility. Your native will turn his hoof to anything. Be it a hunter trial, quadrille or anything in between, you like to keep your options open.
  2. Hairy monster Clipping is a herculean task. After upwards of an hour there’ll be enough hair leftover to nest the entire UK bird population and you’ll probably have to do it all over again in a few weeks.
  3. Softly, softly You know your native has some spectacular paces, however drawing them isn’t straightforward. Such a feat often requires a yard’s worth of horses hooning round in the field adjacent to the school, or a 10°C drop in temperature – fingers crossed for rogue sheep at your next dressage competition…
  4. No thanks The stubborn streak is a part of your native that, while often endearing, you could probably do without. Everyday tasks, such as loading and leading, can become a battle of wills. How much do you really want to box up and go to that competition, anyway?
  5. What’s that? Generally unflappable, your native may suffer from ‘selective spooking’, an unfortunate condition (for his rider) where his spooks are perfectly timed for maximum chaos – who said horses don’t have a sense of humour?

Our natives bring a whole host of fun to the table, with their enviable sense of humour and endless capability. While they aren’t always straightforward, we know you wouldn’t change yours for the world.

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