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Five signs you own a Thoroughbred

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An increasing number of owners are turning to blood horses – particularly those off the track. So, to celebrate their popularity, here are a few unmistakeable signs that your equine best friend is of the TB variety…

  1. Hacking master Contrary to popular belief, many Thoroughbreds make excellent hacking horses thanks to their bold and forward-thinking natures. However, while a countryside stroll sounds good to you, it may not be on your horse’s agenda, and you’ll likely find your sedate canter quickly becomes an exhilarating race across the field.
  2. Farrier’s fave Or maybe not. For all of the breed’s excellent qualities their feet are often not one of them. Finding – and holding onto – a good farrier can be a challenge, but once you’ve got one who can cope with the cracks and lost shoes, you’ll be set for life.
  3. Rug city Our hot-blooded friends sadly don’t always run so warm, and the plethora of rugs required to get that balance just right is impossible to keep count of. Like any horse, our Thoroughbreds require careful assessment to get rugging right, but their thin coats and tendency to overheat through work make them even trickier customers.
  4. Fed up Finding a feed to suit your blood horse, keep weight on him and suite his appetite isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Avoiding ulcers while building condition and muscle is definitely cause for a headache – though it’s worth it when you start to see the wonders a good feeding regime can do.
  5. Double the distance You certainly won’t be complaining about the distance in doubles when you get out competing again next year. With plenty of stride, even smaller Thoroughbreds have no trouble making up the distance and covering the ground, leaving you free to sit quietly and enjoy.

Despite the many stereotypes surrounding Thoroughbreds, we know any owner is lucky to have one – and that their many great qualities far outweigh the vet bills and wardrobe costs. Besides, it’s all worth it when you get on the gallops, right?

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Lesley Dipple says:

I took on an ex point to point who was retired due to injury at 8years. I had him till he was 32 and for most of that time he lived out with just a decent rug and a field shelter, never had any problems with his feet. He was a lovely horse to be around and to ride.

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