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Five ways to spot an eventer

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Horse and rider going cross-country

Exhilarating, exciting and expensive – we all know the highs and lows a season of eventing can bring. It’s also not tricky to spot the signs of a seasoned eventer – here’s how…

  1. In style You’re sure to spot an eventer sporting tweed at some winter showjumping and dressage competitions, sticking out like a sore thumb in the showjumping collecting ring with a breastplate and hairnet.
  2. Scores on the doors While dressage and eventing are scored similarly, you’ll probably notice BE tests performed at speed, with accuracy being the name of the game. Forget flashy paces, forward-thinking movement and being right on the letters is the trick to eventing dressage.
  3. Plaited up Regardless of necessity, you’ll likely find event horses plaited up for a little local showjumping – likely through habit more than anything – ensuring they stand out against neatly cut showjumpers’ manes.
  4. On holiday Another livery turned their horse away for a few weeks over Christmas? Definitely an eventer. Many eventers enjoy the off-season by giving their horses a holiday, giving them time to absorb a season’s worth of lessons before they pick up the reins in the new year, ready to get back out on course.
  5. On grass Determined to smash the dressage next season, you’ll likely find your eventing friends relentlessly practising their tests on all types of terrain – no doubt they’ll be preaching the benefits of work outside the arena, too.

With each discipline as unique as the last, there are sure to be a few quirks to their athletes – equine and human. But, there’s something to be learned from every rider – regardless of discipline – so some of that preaching might just be worth a listen.

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