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Many freelance grooms and instructors aren’t insured, but this could leave you in a vulnerable position if the worst should happen. The team at Cliverton explain what you need to know.

Did you know that, as a freelance riding instructor, if a child suffered a life-changing injury while under your instruction you could be held responsible, even if you were teaching on the client’s own horse? Could you afford to pay any court awards made against you.

As a freelance groom, would you be in a position to pay for damage to your client’s property or an injury caused to their horse while you were looking after it? Suppose you were responsible for their horse escaping and causing damage to third party property or, worse still, causing injury or a traffic accident?

These are all potential situations where a costly claim could be made against you, but if you don’t have insurance, you could be left in a very vulnerable financial position.

Increasing injury compensation awards

Claim settlements for injuries sustained are made up of a number of components…

  • compensation for pain and suffering
  • future loss of earnings
  • future cost of care
  • other financial support, either towards activities that can no longer be performed as a result of the injury, such as driving or caring for dependents, or the provision of additional support, such as prosthetics
  • legal and professional fees.

When a claimant has suffered a serious injury, the amount awarded for loss of earnings and cost of future care can be a very large lump sum. Since March 2017, a change has been made to the way in which compensation is calculated – as a result, the amounts awarded have substantially increased.

Example claimant Settlement before change Settlement after change
30 yr old with traumatic brain injury £2.24m £6.14m
18 yr old with spinal cord injury £7.6m £19.3m
55yr old with below joint amputation £1.4m £2.05m


Protection can cost as little as £27.02 per month

Did you know that for the less than the cost of one lesson per month, you could have the peace of mind that you’re fully protected with £5 million of public liability cover? In addition, you would have £10,000 cover for each horse under your care, custody or control. A higher limit of £10 million of public liability is available at additional cost and we can also include cover for competing on your clients’ horses or transporting them if desired.

Employers’ liability cover is a legal requirement if you have any paid or unpaid help and this can also be included in your policy to the value of £10 million.

Here at Cliverton, we have a team of friendly, animal-orientated experts available to help you with your insurance requirements. Many of them have personal experience of working with, owning or training horses themselves. For advice or a quotation call the office on 01328 857921.

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