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Whether you own a competition horse, hunter or love the occasional fun ride, the chances are you’ll be putting your equine companion through his paces on some occasions.

Just like humans, horses’ muscles and joints are affected during periods of exertion and, just like us, as they get older that feeling worsens.

Fortunately, there are products available to help give your horse his best chance and ensure he’s as comfortable as possible, so he can take part to the best of his best ability and recover as quickly as possible, too.

Peter Bollen, Founder of Cavalor, gives his recommendation on what supplements to use to help your horse feel good, reassuring you that he can perform at his best: “If there’s any two Cavalor products that I recommend then Muscle Fit and Free Bute are always top of my list. Both products, which we recommend using together, have been scientifically developed under the guidance of a team of multidisciplinary experts. They are also FEI and Jockey Club legal.”

Muscle Fit

Muscle Fit does what it says on the tin. It helps protect your horses’ muscles, promoting maximum muscle activity. It’s fed two days ahead of a competition or event and on the night after the exertion and its handy sachet packaging makes it easy to administer.

Free Bute

Unlike many other products on the market, Free Bute is gentle on the stomach and competition legal. Its special formula of herbs and antioxidants gives your horse the best chance to feel great and give his all. Again, like Muscle Fit, the supplement (which is available in a paste or pill format) is used two days ahead of any event along with the morning of the competition or exercise.

For optimum performance we recommend using both products, especially for hard working horses (such as performance or sport horses) or older animals. The results can be seen very quickly, with most noticing a result straight away. And as you only use the products when you need them, rather than as an ongoing supplement, they’re cost-effective, too.

About Cavalor

Cavalor has 27 years’ experience formulating and developing equestrian supplements. The company takes pride in providing clinical research and data that proves the effectiveness of its nutritional products, which can be used safely without violating FEI and Jockey Club standards. Their effectiveness and safety means that Cavalor products are currently being used by many Olympic and other competitive riders across the world.

The range aims to offer solutions that help ensure the health, performance and happiness of horses, with product areas including behaviour, condition, hooves, joints and tendons, muscles, electrolytes, airways, breeding, digestion and care.

Any questions or advice needed? Contact the Cavalor consumer line on +32 (0) 9 220 2525 or visit www.mycavalor.com.

Visit www.zebraproducts.co.uk or call 01352 763350 for stockist details.

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