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Horse & Country TV Showcase NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championships

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Nikki Crisp in the NAF 5 Star dressage championships

This year’s NAF Five Star Winter Dressage Championship was a huge success with a host of stunning performances from leading names in the sport.

Horse & Country TV will showcase the two gala evenings, which premier on demand on Saturday and Sunday, April 13 and 14 to subscribers of H&C web and mobile apps.

The two Horse & Country TV highlight programmes feature the Friday evening Magic Prix St Georges Freestyle Gold Championshipand the Saturday gala class, the Superflex Inter I Freestyle Gold title.

These hour-long premieres will have dressage fans glued to the channel as they bring to life what proved to be two fantastic competitions.

Viewers will see local rider Katie, and the 10-year-old Eagle Nouvelle, debut an ethereal freestyle by maestro Tom Hunt set to James Newton Howards’ scores from Peter Pan and Maleficent.

In an action packed night at the final Gala Performance of this year’s NAF Five Star Winter Championship you’ll witness plenty of drama, inspiring performances and a touch of artistry. Find out how Newmarket rider Nikki Barker coped when faced with the wrong music!


Tune in to Horse&Country TV – SKY Channel 184 or Virgin Media channel 298, H&C web and mobile apps, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire, Roku.

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