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Happy Tummy Charcoal from Fine Fettle Feeds proves to be a breakthrough in horse care.

Human knowledge accumulates in ‘fits and starts’ as humankind uncovers new phenomena or finds a new application for an existing technology. The idea of ‘unintended consequences’ is very much part of this phenomenon and without these new ideas or new ways of looking at things, we would never learn or advance as a species.

Happy Tummy charcoal is one such breakthrough and harnesses a new principle of horse care in that it works by removing the cause of the problem (i.e. acidic toxins) rather than attacking the symptoms.

By adsorbing and removing acidic toxins from the horse’s hind gut it helps balance the pH (acid/alkaline balance) of the whole system. A more alkaline pH helps the blood to become less sticky, i.e. thinner, and better able to absorb oxygen. More oxygen in the blood not only helps the horse’s immune system to work better, it also slows the build-up of lactic acid. This reduces the incidence of ‘tying up’, enabling the horse to perform better.

The Breakthrough

Because of the way that we potentise it, Happy Tummy charcoal is of unique benefit as a feed additive. It actually adds energy into a horse’s system, courtesy of its electron-enriched structure. We have therefore achieved a ‘Double Whammy’ and you get a lot more for your money (i.e. much improved health and much improved performance).

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