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HRH Princess Royal Speaks Out on Equine Transport to Slaughter Conditions

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World Horse Welfare needs horse lovers to contact their MEPs today, January 21 2010, to urge them to help horses transported live for slaughter

World Horse Welfare already has 253 MEPs signatures supporting the Written Declaration 54/2009, calling for a review of the long distance transportation of horses to slaughter, but still need more help. In order to obtain an extension on the Declaration, they need another 47 signatures by the end of the day, January 21.

Please email or call your MEPs asking them to sign the Declaration if they haven’t already, or ask them to contact other MEPs about the long distance transportation to slaughter.

Use this link to find out more:



Transportation campaign

At the recent WHW conference, Hannah Westen and Jo White gave an overview on the latest developments in World Horse Welfare transportation campaign, describing the shocking observations made during this year’s field investigations.

They were joined by leading researcher Dr David Marlin who outlined the concerning findings from the recent scientific research project, which illustrated the detrimental impact of these journeys and conditions of the horses involved.

The team explained that the World Horse Welfare campaign to end the long-distance transportation of horses to slaughter in Europe had entered a critical stage, with a Written Declaration needing urgent MEP signatures; they asked supporters to press their local MEPs to sign.

Click here to download a template letter for your MEP.



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