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In 1981 Faulks & Cox Ltd introduced the first tyre rubber feed skip, quickly became a huge hit and found its way into stables and yards up and down the country. It was the start of a long journey that’s seen FCL innovating and selling into numerous trades all over the world. However, new products for horse owners have always played a large part in FCL’s business, especially with their hugely popular flexible Tubtrugs, which have changed the way people work in all walks of life as well as stables!

Red Gorilla

With a product range under seven different brands, FCL made the decision to simplify and streamline operations under the new name of Red Gorilla. Developed from our Gorilla Tub range of construction tubs, brooms and shovels, the Red Gorilla symbolises strength, power and style. A brand that will continue to give the great service you have enjoyed in the past.

Don’t worry, your favourite-coloured flexible Tubtrug won’t be going anywhere, it’s just being renamed alongside our full range of essential Wm.Faulks yard equipment. So from January 2018, Tubtrugs Tyre Rubber Wm.Faulks Gorilla Tubs, Gorilla Brooms, Gorilla Buckets and Gorilla Shovels are all Red Gorilla…. Look out for them, they’re exactly the same product you’ve enjoyed for years, but just with a new name!

Soon you could get a full matching set from Red Gorilla

Shop Red Gorilla products now: faulks.co.uk/store/

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