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Haygain is kick-starting the new year with the launch of a revolutionary product, the ComfortStall orthopaedic sealed flooring system

The system was co-developed with one of the top veterinary hospitals in the world – the Cornell University Veterinary Hospital, USA – and combines three features recommended by vets…

  • Precision Foam orthopaedic padding, which helps maintain joint health and offers anti-fatigue properties
  • IronClad TopCover, for structural stability and durability
  • HDPE anchor strips, to create an impermeable seal that prevents the build-up of ammonia and harmful bacteria

Soft and supportive

Precision Foam padding forms the heart of ComfortStall. The cushioned, shock-absorbing core delivers unique anti-fatigue benefits and is laminated to create a stable, level surface. Traditional rubber matting is often only 3% softer than concrete, but the ComfortStall’s orthopaedic foam provides enhanced support to joints, tendons and ligaments, meaning less fatigue and concussion for your horse.

A healthy environment

The therapeutic properties of ComfortStall’s level surface and the fact it springs back with every step supports improved movement, flexibility and hoof quality through enhanced support to joints, tendons and ligaments.

The impermeable, one-piece IronClad TopCover prevents urine from seeping through to the stable floor, making it easy to clean, and helping to prevent the build-up of harmful bacteria and improve stable air quality.

Save money

ComfortStall significantly helps to reduce the amount of bedding you use, as the cushioned surface means it’s only needed to absorb waste. This, combined with the time you save in mucking out and the lack of flooring maintenance required, can add up to a significant reduction in costs, meaning you could see a return on investment in less than one year.

Used by the best

Cornell University Veterinary Hospital carries out 1,000 surgical procedures a year. Every equine patient at the hospital recovers in a stable with ComfortStall flooring, which has stood the test of time since it was installed in 2007.

Built to last

ComfortStall comes with a six-year warranty and a life expectancy of at least 15–20 years.

ComfortStall is launching in the UK at the BETA Trade Fair from 21–23 January, so come and see us at stand J10.3 or visit haygain.com

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