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Just Chaps Saltos gaiters

Gaiters protect your lower leg from being pinched by the stirrup leathers while you’re riding and are stylish enough to wear at competitions instead of long riding boots.

How should they fit?

Gaiters should fit closely to your entire lower leg so that they don’t twist and be flexible enough so that your leg can easily move. If they’re made from a thick leather, you may find they’re quite bulky and uncomfortable. However, leather that’s too thin won’t stand up to the rigours of riding, so choose a pair that fit you well and are comfortable.

Struggling to find a pair?

A lot of riders know how tricky it can be to find a pair of gaiters that fit both your leg length and width, which can become quite frustrating.

With this in mind, Just Chaps have spent the last year developing a range of gaiters that tick the following boxes…

  • Great fit
  • Great feel
  • Luxury leather
  • Flexible fit
  • Tough
  • Available in 16 sizes
  • Great value

Saltos brand

Having tried gaiters on literally thousands of legs at equestrian shows for more than 15 years, Just Chaps have gathered plenty of research required to start producing their new range. They have now launched their premium gaiters under the Saltos brand. This new range is designed to be comfortable, functional and stylish, as well as offering a large range of calf and height size combinations.

For more information, visit justchaps.com

Saltos Gaiters Sizing

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