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Seven signs you were a Pony Club kid

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Do you remember being shouted at by ancient instructors and spending more time on the floor than on your pony? Chances are you were a Pony Club kid. Here are seven tell-tale signs you spent your childhood in the Pony Club…

  1. Be prepared A hairnet and gloves will be left in your riding hat for eternity, and you wouldn’t be caught anywhere near your horse without sturdy boots on.
  2. Spotless stables Mucking out is an exercise in extreme precision. It’s not that you’re fussy (despite what your fellow liveries might say) you just have standards. High ones.
  3. Taking a tumble Falling off is a rite of passage and certainly not something to shy away from, although you’ve probably tallied up enough falls to set a world record.
  4. Heels down Thanks to your first pony having done the rounds of local Pony Clubs – probably several times – you’ve become proficient at sitting a good buck or two. And a rear. Spins, too. Maybe the odd nap…
  5. Pony Club camp The thought of camping out in a muddy field still fills you with a mix of elation and pre-emptive exhaustion. Although, no festival could overshadow your memories of Pony Club camp – at least you had proper toilets.
  6. Blast from the past Your childhood instructor is likely still kicking about, probably grumbling about having to tone down their dragon-like ways for modern Pony Club ­ – and they still fill you with the same terror as when you were twelve.
  7. Total boffin You’d smashed out three Pony Club tests well before your GCSEs came around and, as the master of repetition, oral language exams were a piece of cake. Although, they would have been a lot easier if you could talk about ponies.

Pony Club was a defining part of many a horsey adult’s childhood – you might even refer to the manual in times of need. We’re sure you’ll look back on your memories fondly, even if many of them involved falling off.

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