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Teenager asks drivers to slow down after accident

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Seventeen-year-old Simon Barber was thrown off and suffered whiplash when a passing van hit his horse's hindleg on Leeds Road, Idle, Bradford.

His piebald cob, Blaze, lost his balance and collapsed. He was lame for three weeks following the incident.

Simon was riding out with another young rider and had moved out into the road because of a traffic island. Both riders had indicated with hand signals and were wearing high-vis vests. The teenager has reported that there were a number of other cars passing, but nobody stopped to check that they were okay.

Talking to local press, Simon said: “I hope the driver will be found and prosecuted, because it could have resulted in a far more serious injury to both of us. A lot of drivers don’t seem to look out for horse and their riders, and some of them are very aggressive.”

The car involved in the incident is described as a grey Citroen Berlingo with three occupants. It drove off without stopping.


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