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The Donkey Sanctuary celebrates the first birthday of the royal foal

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The Donkey Sanctuary, Sweet Pea

Named by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall during her visit to The Donkey Sanctuary, Sweet Pea celebrated her first birthday on 17 July

On 17 July 2019, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall visited The Donkey Sanctuary HQ in Sidmouth, Devon, to celebrate the charity’s 50th anniversary. During her visit, she named new-born donkey, Sweet Pea. Grooms from The Donkey Sanctuary have shared new photos of Sweet Pea, who’s now fast friends with orphaned foal Sam.

The two donkeys were introduced in June, when they quickly bonded thanks to their similar ages and temperaments. Lisa Coles, one of Sweet Pea’s grooms at The Donkey Sanctuary, said: “It was so sweet because, never having been in such close proximity to other donkeys before, the usually confident Sweet Pea became slightly coy around Sam, peeping out from behind her mum to check him out!”

Farm Supervisor Liza Macmaster said: “Sweet Pea has been a delight to look after from day one. She has a warm personality and always enjoys extra, loving cuddles and scratches. She also enjoys being around people and is a firm favourite with the grooms.”

Sweet Pea’s mum, Poppy, was given to The Donkey Sanctuary while pregnant when her owner couldn’t care for her anymore. She lives at the charity’s Paccombe Farm near Sidford, where she went on to meet Sam. The pair enjoy playing with wellies and toys, with Sweet Pea growing more confident with the help of her new pal.

Eventually, the pair will be the perfect candidates for The Donkey Sanctuary’s rehoming scheme, but for now they’re still young, so will enjoy further care and training at Paccombe Farm.

For more information, visit thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk

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