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Your horse’s digestive health holds the key to good behaviour

If you have a nervous, spooky or excitable horse, you’ve most likely put it down to personality and temperament, but did you know his unpredictable behaviour could be a result of gut malfunction? Research is increasingly showing that there’s a biological, communicative link between the gut and the central nervous system – known as the gut-brain axis – so it’s hardly surprising that an issue in the digestive tract can subsequently have a knock-on effect elsewhere.

Mighty microbes

The importance of good gut health in both humans and animals is currently very much under the spotlight. The foundation is the microbiome – the complex community of microorganisms that live in the intestinal tract. Furthermore, each species – and, indeed, individual – has its own unique microbe community responsible for maximising nutrients obtained from the diet and keeping the gut in good working order.

Unfortunately, these important microorganisms are very sensitive to their environment and, if it’s at all adverse, they can easily die off, paving the way for less beneficial, or even harmful, microorganisms to take over and thrive. And when that happens in horses, a variety of problems can arise, including behavioural ones.

Did you know?
Supplement company Equinutritive recently conducted a survey among its customers and found that 89% had never heard of the gut-brain axis and that 95% of horse owners had, at some point, experienced a problem either with the gastrointestinal or the nervous system, and sometimes both.

A two-pronged approach

If you’re experiencing spookiness, nervousness or other behaviour problems with your horse, like most owners, you’ll most likely reach for the calmer but, before you do, look at the bigger picture. This is because a calmer alone will not address the root of the fundamental issue, which is, in fact, an imbalance in the gut. It might even be that once gut health and balance is restored, that calmer won’t be needed at all.

With this in mind, Equinutritive has developed Gut Brain Reset, which is a month-long combined programme of the supplements B-Complete for the gut and No More Nerves for the nervous system. By feeding these two supplements together, the gut-brain-axis balance is restored so your horse has a healthier digestive system and, as a result, a calmer outlook on life.

Twice yearly

To maintain this desirable state of affairs, Equinutritive recommends continuing to feed No More Nerves if necessary at the end of the month and also carrying out a Gut Brain Reset programme every six months. And, as an extra bonus, when you feed Gut Brain Reset, you’ll find B-Complete also gives a welcome boost to your horse’s immune system in addition to supporting his digestive processes.

If your horse suddenly shows changes in demeanour or behaviour and you have any concerns, you should contact your vet in the first instance for advice.

For more information, visit equinutritive.com

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