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Things you realise when you’re away from your horse

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Things you realise when you're away from your horse
  • You’re not late

For once?! With no rushing around to fit in all of those yard chores you have much more time to ensure you can actually be early – or at least on time!

  • You took time to do your makeup

…in front of an actual mirror, and not in your car!

  • You actually smell nice

Ever notice that compliments about your perfume coincide with days you haven’t been to the yard?!

  • You don’t have to eat your food on the go

Rushing to the yard with a half eaten sandwich in the car has become your typical mealtime. Sitting down and taking the time to think about what you want to eat is a luxury.

  • You don’t have hay in your hair

You’re away with your other half and for once they are not stopping you mid-conversation to spin you around and pick pieces of hay and straw out of your hair!

  • You’re truly obsessed

When whoever you have chosen to look after your horse sends you a picture of them doing literally anything, you are overjoyed to know they are surviving without you.

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