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Ever fancied competing at an affiliated dressage competition? Horse&Rider has partnered with Petplan Equine and British Dressage to give you the opportunity to give affiliated competition a go

A chance to try affiliated competition for free. Yes, you read that right. Horse&Rider has teamed up with Petplan Equine to get you a special, free day ticket to compete at a British Dressage competition. This opportunity is a unique offer to Horse&Rider readers – normal day tickets don’t allow you to qualify for the Petplan Equine Area Festivals, but this one does! Here’s how you can get involved…

Get involved

You can compete at any level from Prelim up to Inter II. To qualify for one of 27 Area Festivals, you need…

  • Prelim–Elementary three scores of at least 62% at BD affiliated show
  • Medium–Inter II two scores of at least 60% at BD affiliated shows

At the Area Festivals, held 11 May – 3 September 2017, the top 10 (Prelim–Advanced Medium) or top five scores (Prix St Georges–Inter II) qualify for one of the eight Area Festival Finals

Depending on the total number of qualifiers and starters in the previous round, at the Area Festival Finals, held 22 September – 30 October 2017, a proportional number of riders who score more than 63% will qualify for the Area Festival Championships

The Area Festival Championships are held at Hartpury at the same time as the BD Winter Championships in April 2018, so you could be riding on the same day as dressage legends such as Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin!

Did you know?

  • To qualify for an Area Festival, you don’t need to compete at a special qualifying competition. Scores from any BD affiliated competition within the qualification period are accepted
  • The qualification period has already begun, but it runs right up until the closing date of the Area Festival you’d like to enter
  • If you get a qualifying score with your day ticket, you’ll need to become fully registered with BD to get your other qualifying scores
  • Venues are hand-picked to host the Area Festivals so expect flowers, flags and podiums!
  • Although the day’s affiliation is free, you will need to pay for the class you enter
  • There are more Area Festivals this year than ever before, so even more chances to qualify for the Championships!

BD Rule 6 – Class Tickets

Class tickets class tickets enable those without a paid BD membership and/or horse registration to compete in an affiliated BD class in any section Bronze, Silver or Gold to compete on a class ticket. Both the rider and horse must hold associate BD registration which is free of charge and be eligible for the class concerned. Each ticket enables them to enter one affiliated class.

Holders of class tickets must also pay the entry fees and are subject to the rules contained in the BD Members Handbook. Class tickets may be used at any level (except music classes) provided the rider is eligible to compete in the class entered. Class tickets may not be used to compete in music classes as BD membership is required for PPL licensing.

Those riding on a class ticket are eligible to win prize money, rosettes and grading points but are not eligible to qualify for any championships or Petplan Equine Area Festivals.

In respect of the special offer for Horse&Rider readers in conjunction with Petplan Equine, any qualifying result achieved when riding on a class ticket in a BD competition will be able to be used towards qualification for a Petplan Equine Area Festival (only). The tickets will be sent to the riders which will be clearly identifiable as part of the Horse&Rider promotion and the organisers will identify them against the rider’s result sent back from each competition.

If a rider wishes to complete their Petplan Equine Area Festival qualification, they will need to become a BD member (category dependent on the level/section), further class tickets cannot be purchased for this purpose. Full details on how to join as an associate rider and horse plus how to make your entry will be sent with your ticket.

Terms & conditions

Horse & Rider readers will be entitled one complementary class ticket from British Dressage to be used as per the rules above.  Multiple applications will not be processed.
Applications for a class ticket will close on 31 May 2017.  Any applications after this date will not be processed.
The class tickets do not carry an expiry date but applicants are encouraged to use them towards an Area Festival qualification so before the end of August.


To claim your ticket, visit britishdressage.co.uk/enquiries/hrtickets

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