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Ways your horse can save you money

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Our equine friends can be expensive, but we’ve come up with some ways in which they might actually just be saving us money.

  • Your horse always comes first, which means holidays aren’t an option. Even with six months of planning beforehand, you’ll be worrying that your horse isn’t getting enough attention. You want to be there for your equine love of your life
  • You won’t need to purchase a gym membership – chasing your horse around its field when it doesn’t want to be caught is a workout in itself
  • You won’t be spending all your money on coffees as your social life is practically non-existent. By the time you’ve tucked your horse in for the night, you’ll just want to crash on the sofa with the TV on.
  • Because your social life is practically non-existent, you spend less on clothes for rare social occasions
  • You won’t need to buy lots of makeup. Mud will cover up that spot, right?
  • Equally, you have the best t-shirt tan, so you don’t have to worry about getting a fake tan
  • Forget calling the AA if your car breaks down – you can fix almost anything yourself with a bit of bailing twine and duct tape
  • Horses are the best listeners so you probably won’t be having many lengthy phone calls, saving on your phone bill
  • Because living on leftovers after a long day at the yard has become the norm for you, you can probably save on your weekly shop
  • Because you buy everything for your horse, you’re probably a pro at finding all the sale items

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