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What makes the perfect horse?

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While we all think our horse is the best of the bunch, there’s sure to be the odd characteristic you could do without. So, what would your perfect horse look like?

We all look for something a little different when it comes to finding our perfect equine match, and, while we’re happy to sacrifice some things – white socks that need hours of scrubbing, for one – there might be a few characteristics that we wouldn’t let slide – is there anything more infuriating than a horse who won’t load?

So, how closely does your horse match the equine of your dreams? Find out with our quiz…

A horse you could vault onto or one you’ll need a ladder for? When it comes to height…

  1. The bigger, the better for me! The best way to leave a lasting impression is with a truly striking silhouette.
  2. He should be tall with a supermodel’s physique – looks are everything, after all.
  3. Size isn’t everything and I feel a lot better with less height to fall from – I’d ride in roller skates if I could.
  4. Height’s one thing, but I’m after something sturdy with plenty of bone – I don’t want to be blown away in a strong wind

Got a thing for feathers and fuzzies, or is sleek and streamlined more your ideal? If we’re talking coat preferences…

  1. A bit of winter coat is sensible ­– as long as he still looks impressive when he’s in need of a haircut.
  2. Honestly, the less time spent trimming, the better.
  3. Is there anything cuter than a pony who looks like a polar bear? I can always clip it off if the novelty wears off…
  4. A little hair will protect his legs from the mud – and they’ll still look amazing when he’s all spruced up.

Lacklustre grazing might be ample for a good doer, but if you’ve got grass a-plenty a sky-high metabolism might suit you better. When it comes to feeding…

  1. I like my feed to go a long way, but I’m not against splashing out for some extra sparkle and shine.
  2. The feed store’s like my second home – no expense is spared when it comes to keeping the weight on my horse!
  3. Who’s got time for frequent feed runs when there’s riding time at risk?! If he lives on thin air (and a cup of balancer!), he’s my perfect match.
  4. Forage-based with a little extra to give him a boost sounds like my ideal.

 Do you dream of blasting around cross-country courses or peaceful hacks in the countryside? Your riding personality is…

  1. A dressage diva, so I can embrace a little spookiness so long as there’s big movement.
  2. Eventer through and through – I’m after something quick-thinking and versatile.
  3. I do a bit of everything, but I’m mainly after a horse-shaped best friend who’ll look after me.
  4. I need a horse who can turn his hoof to anything – whether it’s hunter trials or a trip to the beach with friends.

 Every horse has his quirks, but how much are you willing to put up with?

  1. A good spook doesn’t faze me, as long as he settles long enough to finish a test!
  2. I’m no stranger to a foible, whether it’s pulling impatient faces or being a little unpredictable under saddle.
  3. I love an equine with a cheeky attitude, it certainly makes life more interesting!
  4. I’m no-nonsense, and stable and stoic suits me down to the ground. As long as he’s solid and sane, he’s the one for me.

Mostly 1s: Your perfect match is a talented warmblood. Super-smart and with movement to die for, he’ll be everything you want in an equine pal and more – provided you can sit the odd spook at the bin he’s already seen three times this week.

Mostly 2s: The natural athlete, a Thoroughbred will suit you down to the ground. With a forward-thinking attitude and the bravery of a lion, there’s nowhere he won’t take you – although you might find the flatwork takes a little more patience.

Mostly 3s: The ultimate ATV of the horse world with a huge personality to match, a native pony or cob type will fit the bill – whether it’s long hacks, a residential camp or mastering tricky turns in the jump-off that you fancy, even if he’s the cheekiest resident of the yard.

Mostly 4s: You’re seeking the perfect all-rounder, and there’s nothing better for you than an Irish type or turbo-charged cob. You’ll be taking to the podium at the Riding Club championships in no time, snide comments from the anti-cob crowd aside.

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