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Other shoemakers may have done it first, but FitFlop have broken the mould when it comes to wellington boots. It turns out you really can have a welly that feels as comfortable as a trainer! We say welcome to the world, WonderWelly.

FitFlop are known for their incredibly comfortable footwear. Perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle like our readers. They use the science of biomechanics – studying how the human body moves – to know exactly how to maximise comfort when engineering a shoe.

Skeptical? It might sound too good to be true but it turns out the years of development that FitFlop have put into their latest launch were very well spent. In-house biomechanical engineering mastermind, Dr Kim Lilley, threw what competitors had done before out of the window and started from scratch – one small step for woman, one giant leap for WonderWelly!

To give you the best welly-wearing experience, Dr Kim Lilley…

  • added springboards into the toes to help propel you forward
  • contoured the insoles to hug your feet
  • hollowed out the heel and fill it with a honeycomb structure that absorbs the impact of every step
  • and the final step – pun intended – was to make the boot as lightweight as possible while still being 100% waterproof

FitFlop wellies

So, now we know that comfort is taken care of, what about the looks? We spend so many hours in our wellies, we need them to look the part, too. It’s good news on that front – you can pick from a short (mid-calf) and the traditional tall (just under the knee) version, with the latter featuring an adjustable buckle for calf width. There’s also a rainbow of six shades, with light grey and bubblegum pink adding a bright pop, plus classic options with black, midnight navy, military green and of course, FitFlop red.

Visit fitflop.com for more information. You can get 20% off your first order when you sign up to their newsletters, plus free delivery* on your pair of WonderWelly wellington boots.

*FitFlop reserve the right to terminate without notice. While stocks last. Valid on fitflop.com only.


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