Horse&Rider Magazine – March 2024

The March issue of Horse&Rider is out now! Plus, this issue comes with a Shires Equestrian 2024 catalogue.

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A passion for horses is something the Horse&Rider team shares with you. We know how lucky we are to combine our love of all things equine with our jobs, but there have never been more ways to be involved in the equestrian industry. This issue, Sub Editor Halima spoke with four people immersed in very different equine careers, so if you’re considering a change of direction, turn to p102 for some ideas.

Horses may be admitted to an equine hospital for a variety of reasons – from routine surgical procedures to medical emergencies. But whether planned or unexpected, you can be sure that your horse will be looked after post-operation to the highest standards while being closely monitored to ensure his recovery is progressing well. How long your horse remains in hospital and what treatment he receives will depend on his individual situation, but what do you need to think about and look out for when he gets discharged? Vet nurse Emily Buckley explains all you need to know on p64.

Editorial Assistant Megan hadn’t really found her podcast groove until we began work on this issue – she had always preferred a music playlist to speed up her mucking out time and car journeys. But, as it turned out, she didn’t know what she was missing. Researching our podcast feature really opened her eyes to what’s on offer – from high-level insight to horsey lifestyle content, there’s something for every taste. Of course, we couldn’t include anything without giving it the H&R stamp of approval, which meant Megan had the incredibly hard job of settling down with a hot chocolate and listening to them all. So, whether you’re looking for a good giggle, fresh training tips or just want to keep up to date on the latest horsey news, we’ve got some great inspiration for you on p18.

We’re really excited to bring you this issue of H&R – not only is it full to the brim with great content from experts, but it also comes with a bumper Shires catalogue, packed with every horsey item imaginable! Whatever your taste and budget, and no matter what you need – riding kit, rugs, showring essentials – there’s plenty to choose from in the 465 pages.

All this and so much more in the March issue of Horse&Rider!


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