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September 2019 Issue

September Horse&Rider is out now! It's full of riding exercises, management know-how, expert advice and great prizes, just for you.

In this issue the queen of cavaletti, Ingrid Klimke, steps up the challenge with some complex exercises to really get your horse thinking. Dan Greenwood goes back to basics to help you master engagement and Trevor Breen strips back the jump shapes you’ll find in a course and explains how to jump each one.

Check out our handy nine-step guide to assess whether your horse is feeling his best, we also demystify the subject of conformation and look at how to manage your horse’s weaknesses and we answer your questions about caring for your veteran

Many of you will have experienced pain while riding at some point, we look at some causes and how we can treat or manage any issues. Plus, If you’re struggling with your confidence when it comes to loading, our helpful guide will help you feel prepared and relaxed.

Don’t forget to enter our fabulous competitions – get your copy of September Horse&Rider today!

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September 2019

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Understanding engagement
Understanding engagement

The secret to dressage success is getting the basics right.…Read On

Challenging cavaletti exercises with Ingrid Klimke

If you’re after challenging cavaletti exercises, then look no further.…Read On

suspecting colic

Colic – it strikes fear into the hearts of horse…Read On

Loading and travelling your horse
Feel confident loading everytime

Loading and travelling your horse is a big responsibility. If…Read On

Pain-free riding

Pain is an issue we all face at some point…Read On

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Added 13th October, 2020

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