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September 2022 Issue

September’s Horse&Rider magazine is out now!

Out in front in our riding section is Piggy March with the final instalment of her five-part series. This month she helps you to crack cross-country skills from the comfort of your arena with loads of helpful exercises you can try with your horse. Next up, Sasha Hargreaves is on hand to help you improve your horse’s way of going by combining two tried and tested techniques. Ever wondered if you can harness the principles of high-level dressage moves to improve your everyday training? Charlotte Dujardin shows us why a pirouette is not just for the pros.

Mark Hallion helps you stay focused this month with his expert advice for staying calm on competition days. If you’re not quite ready for shows yet but want to plan for you and your horse’s future together, then look no further than Anna Haines’ guidance for planning your training schedule and making sure your horse’s wellbeing is at the heart of it. Plus, we’ve got our expert vets on hand to talk you through two common autumn ailments and how to avoid them.

Having a horse isn’t cheap and with prices rising we’re all looking for ways to cut back, so get Horse&Rider’s top tips for keeping costs low and quality of life high. One horsey product that’s never worth the compromise is turnout rugs, we put a selection of mediumweight rugs to the test and chose the overall best performer, plus the best value for money – just in time for autumn.

Keeping with the theme of making your money go further our competition prize this month is an incredible £500 worth of Equerry horse feed for two lucky readers. But that’s not all, there are loads of amazing prizes to win in our giveaway. Whether you fancy a gorgeous new rain jacket or want to treat your horse to a luxury pampering bundle there’s a prize for you.

All this and so much more in the September issue of Horse&Rider magazine – on sale now.

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Piggy March September H&R
Hold the line

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Studding guide September 2022
On sure footing

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Anna Haines shaping plans September 2022
In good shape

The steps to successfully training or retraining a horse’s behaviour…Read On

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