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The Spring issue of Horse&Rider is out now!

Small arenas can limit what we can do when it comes to jumping, right? This month, Georgie Campbell is here to prove us wrong as she gets creative and helps you maximise your space to jump in with some great exercises. Plus, Felicity Collins shares her step-by-step guide to conquering water jumps so your horse will be full of confidence and splashing through in no time. In the first of his three-part series, dressage rider Matt Hicks helps you perfect your horse’s walk with three exercises and explains how to get the best out of it for those extra marks in a test.

Life with horses is never plain sailing and it’s likely you’ve experienced negative thoughts and feelings of self-doubt from time to time. If that’s the case, you could be suffering from imposter syndrome. A challenge faced by many riders, mindset and confidence coach Alison Buttery explains all about this common condition and how you can overcome it. Kathryn Thakrar is back with the final part of her series to discuss some fab techniques for beating competition nerves and how focusing on your mind and body can help you deal with spooky horses.

Routine physiotherapy is one of the best ways to help keep your horse feeling good and his muscles in working order. This month, we’re joined by veterinary physiotherapist Harriett Wareham who sheds some light on the physio session process and the benefits it can bring your horse. Plus, vet Alistair Love helps you to stay ahead of the game and prepare to tackle sweet itch this spring and nutritionist Kate Hore shares her top management tips to help you reduce the risk of gastric ulcers.

There’s no doubt horses and horse ownership test your patience once in a while, so check out our list of the top 30 things that annoy us most – how many can you relate to? In need of some extra support while in the saddle? We put a selection of sports bras to the test so you can have a comfortable ride every time. Plus, get ready for the season ahead with our guide to cross-country boots and enter our amazing competition with Aztec Diamond that gives you the chance to win a bestseller bundle worth a whopping £1,025!

All this and so much more in the Spring issue of Horse&Rider – out now!




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Imposter-syndrome teaser Spring 2023
Identifying and overcoming impostor syndrome

What is impostor syndrome and how does it affect riders?…Read On

Matt-Hicks-walk teaser spring 2023
Walk this way

Want to improve your horse’s flatwork pace by pace? Dressage…Read On

Georgie-Campbell-Maximise-space teaser Spring 2023
Maximise your jumping space with Georgie Campbell

Worried that a small school is standing in your way…Read On

Felicity-Water jump teaser Spring 2023
Tackle water jumps this season

Follow international eventer Felicity Collins’ step-by-step guide to water jumpsRead On

Physio teaser Spring 2023
Limber up

Ever wondered what to expect from and how to prepare…Read On

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