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Hunter Field Balmoral wellington boots

An adjustable boot with a breathable, mesh neoprene lining, reflective panels on the back and a reinforced metal shank in the sole for riding.
Colours: Black or dark iris
Sizes: 3–9

“I was very pleased with the quality of these wellies. I’ve worn them every day and they aren’t showing any signs of wear. I drove in them, too, which I’ve found often causes splits where the toes bend, but had no problem with these boots. I liked the adjustable sides as I could let them out to fit bulkier trousers. The sole was comfortable from the start, with a good grip, and I didn’t need a wearing-in period. They cleaned up easily and are completely waterproof. They are quite tall – I am 5ft 7in and felt the fit would be better if they were a few centimetres shorter in the leg.”


Sporting Hares Ascot boot

Luxury wellingtons handmade from natural rubber with a cushioned sole.
Colours: Cherry red or electric blue
Sizes: 4–8

“These boots were very comfortable to wear and didn’t rub my feet at all. I mainly used them on the yard and for walking my dogs in the rain, as they had good grip in the wet. They’re pretty stylish for wellingtons, so I was happy to wear them if I needed to pop into town after being at the yard – after giving them a quick wash down with the hose they looked as good as new. They are made of good-quality materials, so they are brilliant value for money. Personally, I loved the electric blue colour, but it might not be the first choice for everyone.”

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