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From riding and training tips, to veterinary and confidence advice, our expert advice section has everything you need to make the most out of your time with your horse.

How to see a stride

Having trouble with your take-offs? Our ideas will get you back on track Read Article

Solve your loading troubles

In need of a loading refresher before you head out and about making the most of your season? Look no further than H&R’s comprehensive guide Read Article

The path to straightness

Ready to take your jump training to the next level? Jay Halim shares two simple exercises to test your horse over the poles Read Article

All about abscesses

While abscesses can occur anywhere in the body, you’re most likely to come across this form of bacteria build-up in the hoof. Vet Andrew Robinson explains more Read Article

The eyes have it

Discover some fascinating facts about your horse’s eyes and understand his behaviour Read Article

Rain scald

Has your horse developed scabby, crusty areas of skin? It could be caused by a condition called rain scald. Vet Jenna Elliott, from Rosevean Veterinary practice, explains Read Article

Giving your horse an MOT

You can’t take him to the garage, but your horse still needs regular checks to keep him ticking over. We demystify a year in horsey maintenance Read Article

Rug reproofing made easy

Give your rug some TLC and keep your horse dry Read Article

The benefits of grooming

Is grooming one of your favourite ways to spend time with your horse? Well, it may have more benefits than you realise Read Article

Compete with confidence: understanding motivation

Feeling a chink in your competition confidence? Alison Buttery helps you start your season on a high Read Article

Set up to succeed

Do you undermine your own success? Tracey Cole explains how a different way of thinking could transform your riding for the better Read Article

Sit back and relax

If fear of riding in front of others is spoiling enjoyment of your horse, Alison Buttery has some ideas Read Article

Could you take on an ex-racehorse?

If you’d like to own a racehorse out of training but don’t know much about the sport, learning some of the key terminology can put you ahead of the curve Read Article

Perfect partners: the vetting

When you’re happy that you’ve met your perfect match, the next step is to think about the vetting. Equine vet Juliette Edmonds guides you through the process Read Article

Perfect partners: meeting your match

The excitement of buying a new horse is one like no other, but don’t be fooled by rose-tinted glasses. Before taking the plunge, make sure you’re fully prepared Read Article

What’s the difference between prices?

Get to grips with the insurance lingo to help you set up the best policy for your horse Read Article

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