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From riding and training tips, to veterinary and confidence advice, our expert advice section has everything you need to make the most out of your time with your horse.

Have a go at side-saddle

Elegant and skilled, but also really hard and a bit scary? Side saddle is as alluring as it is intimidating, but it’s great fun, as Jennifer Blockley found out Read Article

Showing success

Fancy having a go at showing this season? Professional producer Louise Bell is here to help you achieve your best Read Article

Winter training

Stuck for ideas when schooling on winter evenings? Horse&Rider comes to the rescue with four fun, quick exercises from top trainers to improve your horse’s way of going and your riding, too Read Article

The rise of the superbug

Threatening the health of our horses as well as our own, resistance to antimicrobial drugs is on the increase. Vet Laura Quiney, from the Animal Health Trust, explains how you can help preserve the use of these lifesaving medicines Read Article

How a wound heals

Horses tend to be accident-prone, which means that dealing with wounds is part and parcel of being a horse owner. Vet Sally Hodgson, from Hook Norton Veterinary Group, explains how wounds repair and how you can help the process Read Article


Colic can affect any horse at any time and it can be life-threatening. Vet Imogen Burrows, from Cliffe Equine Clinic, explains what signs to look for and what to do when it strikes Read Article

Feeding a horse on box rest

Box rest can be challenging for horses and owners alike. Joanna Palmer, Nutritionist at Allen & Page, explains how to help your horse cope while continuing to meet his nutritional needs Read Article

Careers with horses

Thinking of a change of career? Check out some of the rewarding jobs you can do that have a connection with horses Read Article

Winter Feeding

The challenges of winter can sometimes mean rethinking how you feed your horse. H&R’s panel of experts solve some common problems Read Article

Control your nerves

Human Performance Coach, John Haime, explains how to control your nerves and boost your confidence Read Article

Is your horse stressed?

Equine stress – what does it mean, how do you recognise it and what should you do about it? Behaviourist, Anna Saillet, investigates Read Article

Frustrating habits

Do you find some of your horse’s habits frustrating at times? H&R reveals why he might be behaving this way Read Article

Create the perfect partnership with your new horse

The key to making things work with a new horse is to take it slowly and get to know each other well Read Article

10 tips to live by when buying a horse

After some eye-opening experiences, Grand Prix dressage rider Anna Ross shares the strategies she uses to help her when buying a horse Read Article

Confused by insurance?

Insurance needs to be tailored to your specific needs. Find out what cover you might need from Carriagehouse Insurance's Fiona Gordon-Clarke Read Article

Make sense of insurance excess

The excess you choose depends on your budget and why you are buying insurance, says Guy Prest of KBIS British Equestrian Insurance Read Article

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