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From riding and training tips, to veterinary and confidence advice, our expert advice section has everything you need to make the most out of your time with your horse.

Ways to tell if your horse is working correctly

Knowing when your horse is working correctly can prevent you resorting to recovery tactics with your riding. Dressage rider Paul Friday shows you what to look for Read Article

Show ring secrets

Winning in the show ring is about hard work and knowing the tricks of the trade. Professional producer Louise Bell helps you avoid making mistakes and guides you to the front of the line up! Read Article

Non-ridden horse

Whether you want to improve the bond you have with your horse or are looking for fun things to do together if he can’t be ridden, check out H&R’s great groundwork ideas Read Article

Worming made easy

An effective worming strategy is easy to put together, and will help keep your horse healthy and happy all-year-round Read Article


Headshaking is common in horses, but it’s often misunderstood. Vet Sarah Smith, from Langford Vets, tells us more about this mysterious condition Read Article

Sedation and general anaesthetic

There will almost certainly be a time when your horse needs to be sedated and, in some cases, he may even need a general anaesthetic. But how do they work and what are the risks? Katie Brickman from Minster Vets explains Read Article

Which calmer should I feed?

I need to feed my highly strung mare a calmer when we compete. But with so many options, how do I know which ingredients to include in her feed? Read Article

Worming made easy

An effective worming strategy is easy to put together, and will help keep your horse healthy and happy all-year-round Read Article

Goal setting

Setting horsey goals to achieve is fun and motivating, but sometimes outlining something you’re keen to accomplish can bring a ... Read Article

19 ways to stay motivated this winter

When it’s dark, wet and cold, spending time at the yard can feel more of an obligation than a pleasure. Here are H&R’s tips for making winter work for you Read Article

Control your nerves

Human Performance Coach, John Haime, explains how to control your nerves and boost your confidence Read Article

What to look for when buying a horse

If you’re looking to buy a new horse, finding the perfect partner is essential. Vet Laura Quiney, from the Animal Health Trust, explains how to make sure he’s fit for the job Read Article

Sharing a horse

Owning a horse can be a dream come true, but what happens when you’re short on time? And what if it’s simply not practical to have your own horse? Sharing can be a great solution, provided you get it right – Horse&Rider shows you how Read Article

Create the perfect partnership with your new horse

The key to making things work with a new horse is to take it slowly and get to know each other well Read Article

Confused by insurance?

Insurance needs to be tailored to your specific needs. Find out what cover you might need from Carriagehouse Insurance's Fiona Gordon-Clarke Read Article

Make sense of insurance excess

The excess you choose depends on your budget and why you are buying insurance, says Guy Prest of KBIS British Equestrian Insurance Read Article

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