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Horse&Rider magazine, February issue

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February 2020

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What's in the latest issue?

Anna Powers jumping exercise
Create a careful jumper

Not every horse is born careful. However, with a few…Read On

jumping cross-country jumps
Intro to cross-country

Looking to dip your toe into eventing but not sure…Read On

Feeding your horse with Baileys
Feeding for training

Understanding how your horse’s diet impacts his performance will help…Read On

Equine dentistry
Understanding your horse's teeth

What can you do to keep your horse’s teeth in…Read On

Winter riding with your horse
Get motivated this winter

There’s so much you can do to keep a tight…Read On

Exclusive Mark Todd Training Guide with Horse&Rider magazine
The ultimate training guide with Mark Todd

An exclusive training guide, packed with exercises, insights, training tips…Read On

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Horse&Rider magazine, February issue
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Horse&Rider magazine, February issue

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