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Looking into lameness

If your horse goes lame, diagnostic technologies will allow him the most appropriate treatment possible, as vet Jonathan Anderson explains Read Article

All about arthritis

Often viewed as a symptom of older age, learn more about the joint disease that affects much of the equine population in one way or another Read Article

All about abscesses

While abscesses can occur anywhere in the body, you’re most likely to come across this form of bacteria build-up in the hoof. Vet Andrew Robinson explains more Read Article

The eyes have it

Discover some fascinating facts about your horse’s eyes and understand his behaviour Read Article

Rain scald

Has your horse developed scabby, crusty areas of skin? It could be caused by a condition called rain scald. Vet Jenna Elliott, from Rosevean Veterinary practice, explains Read Article


Navicular disease has caused many horse owners heartache over the years, but vets have discovered that it may not be all it seems. Vet Lucy Meehan, from Langford Vets, explains Read Article

Preventing injury

What causes injury and how can you avoid it? In an excerpt from Sport Horse Soundness and Performance, Dr Cecelia Lonnell investigates Read Article

Worming made easy

An effective worming strategy is easy to put together, and will help keep your horse healthy and happy all-year-round Read Article


Headshaking is common in horses, but it’s often misunderstood. Vet Sarah Smith, from Langford Vets, tells us more about this mysterious condition Read Article

Sedation and general anaesthetic

There will almost certainly be a time when your horse needs to be sedated and, in some cases, he may even need a general anaesthetic. But how do they work and what are the risks? Katie Brickman from Minster Vets explains Read Article

Sweet itch

While there’s no cure for sweet itch, there’s a lot you can do to make your horse’s life more comfortable if he suffers from the condition. Vet Roly Owers, from World Horse Welfare, explains Read Article

Equine MOT

You can’t take him to the garage, but your horse still needs regular checks to keep him ticking over. We demystify a year in horsey maintenance Read Article

Tackling tendon injuries

Injuries to tendons can be tricky to heal, but with early detection and the right treatment, the outcome can be significantly improved, as vet Laura Quiney, from the Animal Health Trust, explains Read Article

The rise of the superbug

Threatening the health of our horses as well as our own, resistance to antimicrobial drugs is on the increase. Vet Laura Quiney, from the Animal Health Trust, explains how you can help preserve the use of these lifesaving medicines Read Article

How a wound heals

Horses tend to be accident-prone, which means that dealing with wounds is part and parcel of being a horse owner. Vet Sally Hodgson, from Hook Norton Veterinary Group, explains how wounds repair and how you can help the process Read Article

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