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Make a connection

There’s no greater feeling than riding a horse who’s travelling freely forward into a soft contact, but how is this achieved? Try our five exercises for starters Read Article

Poles to problem-solve

Dressage rider Tania Grantham’s creative layouts will help you get the most out of polework. The best part? You only need six poles to get started Read Article

Time it right

Make the most of your time in the school with three exercises you can ride in 15 minutes or under Read Article

Dressage to music – Prelim level

If you like the idea of riding a dressage test to music, our experts’ advice will give you all the information you need to get started Read Article

Dressage to music – novice level

Why not make dressage to music something to add to your to-do list this year? We teamed up with experts to find out what’s involved Read Article

Ride accurate corners with Emily King

Correct corners form the foundations of most competitive disciplines, yet there’s still so many riders not getting them right. Luckily, Emily King’s on hand to troubleshoot Read Article

Seven top tips on riding without stirrups

Do you want to add some work without stirrups to your riding routine? Get it right with H&R Read Article

Make your horse more responsive

Dressage rider Lucy Cartwright shows you how to create more impulsion with four simple exercises Read Article

Five exercises to try this week

From in-hand work to athletic jumping, we’ve got five quick and easy exercises for you to try this week that you can work through with less than 30 minutes on the clock Read Article

Getting the right canter lead

Does your horse struggle to strike off on the correct canter lead? Follow H&R’s guide to help you get it right every time Read Article

Sitting trot

Does the very thought of sitting to the trot fill you with horror? Master this tricky skill in no time with our bounce-busting tips Read Article

Five creative pole work exercises

Looking for a polework exercise to really get your horse thinking? Check out this exciting layout – its benefits definitely outweigh the set-up time Read Article

Ways to tell if your horse is working correctly

Knowing when your horse is working correctly can prevent you resorting to recovery tactics with your riding. Dressage rider Paul Friday shows you what to look for Read Article

Winter training – part 2

Stuck for ideas when schooling on winter evenings? Horse&Rider comes to the rescue with four fun, quick exercises from top trainers to improve your horse’s way of going and your riding, too Read Article


Rein-back isn’t just for the dressage arena, it’s a useful skill to have for many situations, such as opening gates and manoeuvring in tight spaces. Dressage rider Tania Grantham shows you how to master it Read Article

Create an uphill horse

Create balance, presence and self-carriage by making your horse uphill. Dressage rider Paul Friday shows you how Read Article

How to win a working hunter class

For many people, Working Hunter is the best of both worlds – the perfection of showing combined with the thrill of jumping. Specialist producer Louise Bell explains how to do well in these competitive classes Read Article

Ride a perfect Novice level test

Get the knack of Novice dressage and crack all the moves with help from international Grand Prix rider, Anna Ross Read Article

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