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Getting the right canter lead

Does your horse struggle to strike off on the correct canter lead? Follow H&R’s guide to help you get it right every time Read Article

Sitting trot

Does the very thought of sitting to the trot fill you with horror? Master this tricky skill in no time with our bounce-busting tips Read Article

Five creative pole work exercises

Looking for a polework exercise to really get your horse thinking? Check out this exciting layout – its benefits definitely outweigh the set-up time Read Article

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Tips for encouraging a horse that doesn’t yet trust the rein contact, with eventer Andrew Hoy

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Showing success

Winter training

Square up with Sandy Phillips

Accuracy masterclass with Sandy Phillips

Improve your transitions

Are you sitting comfortably?

Warm-up etiquette

How to stop your horse’s quarters falling in

Introducing flatwork to you ex-racehorse

Improve your flatwork with Carl Hester

Schooling plans for every horse with Michael Eilberg

Transform your flatwork with Carl Hester

Carl Hester’s schooling solutions

Michael Eilberg’s secrets to success

Train with Carl Hester: Dressage made simple

How to calm a spooky showjumper

Dressage test problem-buster with Sandy Phillips

Ride classical with Sylvia Loch

How to introduce lateral movements

Improve your horse’s suppleness

Eventing from the ground up

Get the perfect position

Thirty-minute flatwork exercises

Creating a supple horse

Flawless flatwork: Getting started

How can I train my horse to ride in an outline?

My mare falls in on the same side of a 20 metre circle, what exercises might help us?

Training youngsters with Lucinda Fredericks

When Carl Hester met Lucy

Flying changes

Stephen Clarke’s Schooling solutions

Flawless flatwork: Moving on up

Flawless flatwork: Revision notes

Free and easy

How to ride an Elementary dressage test

Extended play

Shoulder-fore with Richard Davison

Extended canter with Richard Davison

Trot poles with Richard Davison

Stephen Clarke’s position pointers

Get your horse going forward, with Michael Peace

Perfect pirouettes

Matt Hicks – Scales of Training. Travers and Leg Yield

Training series videos from Judy Harvey – Episode 1 walk, trot and canter

Training series videos from Judy Harvey – Episode 2, centre lines, circles, halts, reinbacks and simple changes

Matt Hicks Scales of training – Inside Bend, Shoulder in and Hands wide

Matt Hicks Scales of Training – Flexion & Shoulder in on the centre line

Matt Hicks Scales of Training – Collection

Dressage terminology glossary

Is there anything I can do to stop me from rounding my shoulders when I ride?

The right response

Improve your horses paces, get connected

Tips from Carl Hester

Correct Riding Techniques

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Natasha Baker

Flying changes with Carl Hester and Richard Davison

Do you know the six scales of training?

Riding the perfect shoulder-in

Get the most from your schoolmaster

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