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How to have a happy horse

If you want to up your horse’s happiness, we suggest some simple ways to keep him contented Read Article

Being more sustainable

If you’re looking to care for your horse more sustainably, we’re here to help you get started Read Article

Rumour has it…

H&R sets the record straight on what’s true and what’s not when it comes to some of these common misconceptions Read Article

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Now winter’s over, speed up your horse’s coat shedding process with our helpful hints Read Article

Making it alone

Help keep your horse happy when he’s the only one out in the field Read Article

On the nose!

Is your horse wearing the right noseband? We look at the different types that are out there to help you decide. Read Article

Giving your horse an MOT

You can’t take him to the garage, but your horse still needs regular checks to keep him ticking over. We demystify a year in horsey maintenance Read Article

Rug reproofing made easy

Give your rug some TLC and keep your horse dry Read Article

The benefits of grooming

Is grooming one of your favourite ways to spend time with your horse? Well, it may have more benefits than you realise Read Article

Keeping on track

If you’re thinking about setting up a track system for your horses’ turnout, it pays to first consider how it will work for you in practice Read Article

Banish those stains for good

Follow our step-by-step guide and get rid of those stains for good! Read Article

Does how you feed hay make a difference?

You’ve spent hours agonising over bucket feed and hundreds of pounds on supplements – but is your forage letting your horse down? H&R is on a mission to find out Read Article

Nine steps to better fly control this summer

Get ahead of the flies this season with Nettex Equine’s top tips Read Article

Horses and fireworks

Firework season’s rapidly approaching but what can you do to make it a happy one for your horse? The British Horse Society’s Des Payne answers your questions Read Article

Solve your paddock problems

Is your horse’s field looking more lacklustre than lush? Check out H&R’s simple solutions to bring it back to its best Read Article

Get ready for your next horsey outing

Wherever you’re planning to take your horse next, get organised before you go with Horse&Rider’s stress-free pre-outing checklist Read Article

Grazing muzzle

Want to restrict your horse’s grass intake without reducing his turnout? Anna Haines shares her grazing muzzle guidance to ensure your horse’s transition to muzzled life is a happy one Read Article

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