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Square up with Sandy Phillips

In the final part of our series, dressage rider and judge Sandy Phillips shows you how to get the best out of your horse using her ‘secret weapon’ exercise Read Article

Accuracy masterclass with Sandy Phillips

Dressage rider and judge Sandy Phillips helps you ace your horse’s geometry lessons Read Article

Improve your transitions

International judge and dressage rider Sandy Phillips shows you how to improve your horse’s transitions for a flawless test Read Article

Jumping bigger

Want to start tackling bigger fences with your horse? Tim Stockdale helps you progress safely and with confidence Read Article

How to keep your horse focused

Could your horse’s focus use a tune-up? Daniel Moseley shows you how to get him thinking on his feet Read Article

Road safety

From equipping you and your horse with the skills to safely and courteously ride on the road, to upskilling friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to pass horses with more care, join our campaign for considerate road sharing Read Article

Next-level hacking

It can be all too easy to relax and forget to make the most of your hack. Horse&Rider explores ways to get maximum benefit from every ride Read Article

Hack like a professional with Lucinda Fredericks

Even professional riders use time outside the arena to improve their horse’s way of going. Olympic eventer, Lucinda Fredericks, shares her tips for motivating a laid-back type Read Article

Good groundwork with long-reining

Nervous about trying long-reining? Don’t be! Fizz Marshall explains how to get started Read Article

Where to begin with your ex-racehorse

So, you’ve got your new ex-racehorse, but where to start? Clare Poole, top ex-racehorse showing producer, rider and judge, explains Read Article

Keep yourself safer in the saddle

Check out our top tips to help keep you more secure while you're on board Read Article

Are you sitting comfortably?

A secure seat is the foundation for harmonious riding. Sylvia Loch explains how to achieve it Read Article

Taking your horse to the gallops

Take your horse to purpose-built racehorse gallops and boost your confidence, develop impeccable timing and improve fitness with event rider, Coral Keen Read Article

Warm-ups for horse riders

Becoming fitter for riding can seem like a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple guidelines you can get riding fit in only 30 minutes a day. Read Article

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