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Poles apart

Looking for the answer to streamlining your school-based workouts? Jasean Spraggett shares her…

Five steps to happier riding for your horse

Happiness is at the heart of everything we do for our horses, but…

Choosing the correct bit

Your horse’s bit is one of your primary lines of communicating with him,…

Charlie Hutton dressage masterclass – Leg yield | Horse&Rider UK

In this video, dressage rider Charlie Hutton provides advice ... Watch Video

How three poles can help your horses adjustability with Chris Burton
How three poles can help your horses adjustability with Chris Burton

Check out the next exercise from our series with Chris Burto ... Watch Video

Mary King's spiralling exercise
Mary King’s spiralling exercise

Mary King helps you improve your flatwork, with the next vid ... Watch Video

Two-year-old rescue cob

POA 12 – 13.3HH 2 Years
16 – 16.3HH
10 Years
12 – 13.3HH
14 Years
14 – 14.3HH
9 Years
16 – 16.3HH
10 Years

Latest Product Test

Lightweight jackets

We’d all prefer to avoid wet, muddy days at the yard but when you live in the UK, that isn’t always an option. So, waterproof jackets are mandatory when it comes to an outdoor hobby. Our selection, worn around the clock by our team of testers, is made up of lightweight garments perfect for layering if you feel the chill, or to pair with a thin base on milder days. See how they fared and find your perfect coat here.

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Latest Product Test

Lightweight jackets
Stay safe over fences

Added 2nd July, 2020

Happy handling

Added 1st July, 2020

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