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Improve your groundwork

You’ve established the basics of a respectful and responsive horse, but what next?…

Targeted worming plan

Parasitic worms can wreak havoc inside your horse’s body if left unchecked, sometimes…

Bike-proof your horse

Spooked by cyclists? Build your horse’s confidence and enjoy hacking again with our…

Horse&Rider Magazine – February 2019

February Horse&Rider is out now, and it's packed full of the ... Watch Video

Charlie Hutton dressage masterclass – Medium trot | Horse&Rider UK

In this video, Charlie shows us how to improve your dressage ... Watch Video

How to improve your jump-off skills with Tim Stockdale
How to improve your jump-off skills with Tim Stockdale

Get set for success in the showjumping ring with Tim Stockda ... Watch Video

How to ride cross-country combinations with Lucinda Green

With your cross-country foundations firmly in place, it's ti ... Watch Video

13’3 Irish Sports for part Loan

£120.00 12 – 13.3HH 18 Years
16 – 16.3HH
12 Years
16 – 16.3HH
3 Years
12 – 13.3HH
6 Years
11.3HH or under
8 Years

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Fit to ride

Added 6th December, 2018

Winter warmers

Added 28th November, 2018

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