Expert Advice Hacking

Five exercises to try this week

From in-hand work to athletic jumping, we’ve got five quick and easy exercises for you to try this week that you can work through with less than 30 minutes on the clock Read Article

Staying safe on the beach

Considering an outing to the beach with your equine best friend? Here are H&R’s five top tips to keep you safe as houses on the sand Read Article

Road safety

From equipping you and your horse with the skills to safely and courteously ride on the road, to upskilling friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to pass horses with more care, join our campaign for considerate road sharing Read Article

Next-level hacking

It can be all too easy to relax and forget to make the most of your hack. Horse&Rider explores ways to get maximum benefit from every ride Read Article

Hack like a professional with Lucinda Fredericks

Even professional riders use time outside the arena to improve their horse’s way of going. Olympic eventer, Lucinda Fredericks, shares her tips for motivating a laid-back type Read Article

Keep yourself safer in the saddle

Check out our top tips to help keep you more secure while you're on board Read Article

Create a confident horse with Lucinda Fredericks

Ride like the professionals and use your time outside the arena to build a confident horse, develop your partnership with your horse and boldly go hacking with Olympic eventer Lucinda Fredericksf Read Article

Feel confident with any horse

Most of us have had a confidence crisis when riding or handling an excitable or tricky horse, but when you’re armed with the correct tools, the situation becomes much more manageable Read Article

Take your hacking to the next level

Take your training out of the arena with event rider Coral Keen’s simple hacking exercises Read Article

Hacking hang-ups

A hack may seem like the ideal way to spend time with your horse, but confidence issues can soon put a stop to that. H&R has some simple solutions to help you enjoy hacking again Read Article

Training up hill with Richard Davison

Medium and extended trot both have to be mastered if you want to go up the levels in dressage. And ... Read Article

Put the fun back into hacking With Michael Peace

“Hacking problems can include anything from spooking or bucking to refusing to leave the yard” says Michael in his latest ... Read Article

Ready, steady, hack: Setting goals

Whether the thought of hacking puts you in a panic, or going for fast rides seems beyond your capabilities, sports psychologist, Debbie Percy can help Read Article

Ready, steady, hack: Memories matter

Does the thought of hacking put you in a panic, or fast rides seem beyond your capabilities? Sports psychologist Debbie Percy can help Read Article

Seven simple steps to happy hacking

Ready to hit the tracks with your horse this summer? Stay safe when you leave the yard with our quick and easy-to-follow guide to making the most of the countryside with your equine pal Read Article

Does your riding need spicing up?

First up, you need to find out how deep your horsey rut really is. Once you’ve done that, you can think about climbing straight back out! Be positive about your riding – it’s fun, relaxing, a great way to get to know your horse, and it improves fitness for both you and him! Read Article

Beaches you can ride on

The following list details beaches that welcome riders, along with any that have restricted times or other bylaws. For further information about beaches in your area please contact the Countryside Officer at your local County Council offices. Read Article

Hacked off! Hacking around Hankley Common, Hindhead, Surrey

The first in a series of Great British rides takes in two lesser-known Surrey commons - Hankley common near Elstead and just to the east, Thursley Common. Read Article

Solutions for hacking problems

Simple solutions for rider worries about hacking, and difficult situations encountered when out hacking. Read Article

Hacked off! Hacking around the Cotswolds

The third in our series on great British rides, we explore hacking around the Cotswolds - Starting in Guiting Power and utilising Drovers' roads such as Sabrina way. Read Article

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