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Advertise your horse for free

Advertise your horse or pony for sale, loan or share for FREE with Horse&Rider.

To advertise your horse, you will need to have an account with us.

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Once you have set up your account click on ‘My Adverts’ in the left hand menu on your account page and choose ‘Place advert’.

Add the details of the horse you are advertising, along with up to four images and click ‘Submit’. Your advert will then be authorised by a member of the Horse&Rider team before we make it live (this can take 2-3 working days). Once live, your horse will be advertised on both the Horse&Rider Magazine and PONY Magazine websites.

Once your horse has sold, simply log back in and disable or delete your advert. Please note that all adverts will automatically expire after a 60 day period.

We are unable to publish photographs which are copyrighted to professional photographers. Any professional photographs that are added to an advert will not be approved.

Before you place your advert, be aware of scams: check out our top tips and things to be aware of when buying and selling a horse online here.

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