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Posted 19th September 2018

Do you live in fear of forgetting your dressage test or showjumping course? Unlock your personal learning style and say goodbye to drawing blanks in the ring

Learning tests and courses

Anticipating a rider sat-nav error can make competing more stressful than it should be. It can often lead to a sub-par dressage test or jumping round as you try to get to the end as quickly as possible before you forget anything. Fortunately, there’s a solution that’s tailor-made for you and it comes down to learning styles. You probably haven’t thought about how you learn best since your school days, but revisiting this essential information can take your competitive performances to the next level and minimise your stress-levels, too.

The five main learning styles are…

  • kinaesthetic learners take in information best by getting hands-on with tasks
  • visual learners can best remember diagrams or images.
  • logical or mathematical learners need to understand why one thing leads to another to help them remember the order
  • verbal learners absorb written information best and often find that writing, drawing or making notes in the margins helps them remember
  • auditory learners need to hear and repeat information. They might repeat their test out loud to themselves or you may overhear them muttering fence colours under their breath before they head into the ring.


Many people fit into more than one learning style, so try out a variety of methods to figure out which combination works best for you.


When learning a dressage test, don’t just learn the movements on the page. Plan where you’re likely to need to half-halt and memorise these, too.

Take our quiz in November Horse&Riderto find out your personal learning style, then check out the learning methods tailored to you, on sale 20 September.

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