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Have you checked your tyres?

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You might have not realised, but October is Tyre Safety Month. So Rural insurer NFU Mutual is taking the opportunity to urge horse owners to check the pressure, tread and condition of the tyres on their horseboxes and trailers after a British Horse Society survey found 54% of respondents had broken down as a result of tyre-related problems.

NFU Mutual have been running a safety campaign at events across the UK and has highlighted a number of issues, including the use of car tyres to save money.

NFU Mutual Equine Specialist, Nicki Whittaker, says: “People will often fit car tyres on their trailers to save money without realising that they are not designed to carry the weight of the horses.”

NFU Mutual’s advice

The message is simple – make a PACT to check the tyres on your horsebox or trailer and stay safe.

PRESSURE – check ALL tyres when they are cold and before every journey. Correct tyre pressure is vital for safety.

AVOID – overloading your horsebox or trailer. Overloaded it’s less stable, takes longer to stop and is more difficult to steer. Overloading can cause overheated tyres, rapid wear and increases chances of a blow out.

CONDITION – check your tyres regularly especially if they have not been used for some time. Look for cracking, crazing, bulging. Without regular use they age more quickly.

TREAD DEPTH – check this regularly. Up to 3.5 tonnes the minimum legal depth is 1.6mm. For horseboxes above this weight it is 1 mm.

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