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Layer up for winter

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Layering is the key to staying warm, dry and comfortable – whatever the weather

Ask anyone how they dress to stay warm when temperatures drop and chances are, they’ll mention layering. But the layering principle doesn’t stop at jackets – you need to protect as much of you as possible in order to stay warm and comfortable, and we all know the misery of hands too cold to undo a bridle or feet that feel like blocks of ice in our boots!

Layer those legs

Thermal leggings make a great baselayer to go under breeches with waterproof over-trousers on top. Make sure leggings fit really snugly around the lower leg or have stirrups so they don’t ride up, and thermals designed for riding should not have any inner leg seams that could rub in the saddle.

When choosing your waterproof over-trousers, look for full-length zips so you can get them on over boots and underfoot stirrups to stop the legs riding up when you’re in the saddle. A grippy full seat is essential if you want to ride in them.

Heads up

Synthetic hat-liners or balaclavas make brilliant baselayers under your riding hat and when you’re not riding, you can put a fleece or fur hat on top to stay super-warm! Lightweight thermal glove-liners provide a good baselayer, but you’ll also find that some manufacturers handily combine layers in one single garment.

So whatever you’re doing with horses this winter, you can be sure to brave the elements in style!

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