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  No-rinse washes are a quick way to add a little extra TLC to your wash-down routine. Choose between muscle-relaxing lavender, refreshing citrus, cooling and medicated options. They’re easy to use – just dilute a measure in a bucket of water and sponge all over your horse’s body. No rinsing is necessary, just a sweat-scraper to get rid of the excess water, and afterwards he can go out for a good roll in the field – there’s nothing like a mud treatment to finish the spa experience!

Cavalor cooling wash

£22 for 500ml

Contains a mixture of essential oils to cool and refresh your horse after exercise. Can also be used as a mild disinfectant.

Dermoline cooling body wash

From £7.49 for 500ml

A soap-free formula that contains tea tree oil and a mild antibacterial agent to help revitalise, cool and cleanse.

Equimins Clean Coat body wash

£10.45 for 500ml

Contains tea tree oil, allantoin, witch hazel and spearmint. It can be diluted or used neat to degrease the coat.

NAF cooling wash

£7.99 for 500ml

A cooling formula that washes out dust and sweat without

soap, detergent or thickening agents.

Natural Equine Cooling Sloshwash

From £9.95 for 500ml

A blend of essential oils to remove sweat marks, stable stains and grass stains while cooling the skin.

Nettex peppermint
no-rinse wash

From £4.15 for 250ml

A fresh, minty fragrance to refresh and revitalise after a competition or travelling, or between classes on a hot day.

KM Elite Refresh wash

From £6.99 for 500ml

A natural formula with spearmint and peppermint oils and added extracts of coconut to cleanse the coat.

Hawkins Organic Lemon Aid wash

From £9.95 for 500ml

A natural, antibacterial cooling wash that contains lemongrass oil to refresh and cleanse.

Le Mieux Citronella Slosh

From £8.95 for 500ml

A summer wash to refresh and restore the coat, keeping it grease-free and unattractive to flies.

Lincoln summer fly wash

£10.99 for 500ml

Cooling and rejuvenating, with peppermint oil to soothe the skin and citronella extract to keep flies away.

Absorbine Botanicals body rinse

£19.95 for 251ml

A soothing, natural, super-concentrated formula that helps relax muscles and leaves      your horse’s coat clean and conditioned.

Barrier lavender wash

From £7.20 for 500ml

Made from high-grade lavender essential oil with a coconut base cleanser to naturally clean away sweat and dirt.

HyShine Magic Relax lavender wash

£8.99 for 500ml

A gentle, soap-free formula to remove sweat and dirt, with lavender oil to soothe, relax and aid recovery after exercise.


Groom Away lavender no-rinse body wash

From £6.50 for 400ml

Made from lavender and citronella oils with a natural, antibacterial herbal oil to help soothe minor cuts and abrasions.

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