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We put the best products on the market to the test to keep your horse tangle free and super shiny.

The products

Leovet 5-star detangler

Leovet 5-star detangler

Formulated with arginine for better hair growth and wheat pentavitin to help prevent itching and dry skin.

“Lovely smell – not overpowering, yet it holds for some time. Not sticky and leaves a lovely shine on the tail. Its detangling effect was long-lasting.”


Nettex Mane & Tail Detangler

Non-sticky, non-oily formula seals and coats the hair and prevents breaking while repelling dirt.

Tel: 01634 257150

“We liked the option of turning the nozzle off to avoid leaks. A really effective detangler, however it needed to be reapplied every day to maintain the effect.”

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