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In need of a new show shirt? Horse&Rider test some of the best products on the market to see how they perform under pressure.

The products


Toggi Monica stock shirt

Material: Aerocool fabric

Colour: White

Sizes: 8–20

“This top was a lovely slim fit, so it looked neat and flattering at the waistline. The fabric kept me cool, in particular when I wore it under a jacket. The stand up collar has stock loops and popper fastenings, and my stock sat nicely. It has worn and washed well. I love the fabric and think that, although it’s the top end of what I would pay for a competition top, the technical properties work and make it worth the money. If I could change anything, it would be to make it slightly shorter in length for tucking into breeches.”


PK Sportive competition shirt

Material: Stretch poly blend

Colours: White, pink adventure or sky diver blue

Sizes: XS–XXL

“The shirt was really comfortable to wear, especially in warmer weather. It sat well under a jacket and didn’t feel bulky. I thought the pink might bleed into the white collar, but it washed very well and the white is still just as white. I found the collar too large and the zip pulled the collar forward when fully done up. This meant that my stock didn’t sit quite right. The pink was very bright, so it would be nice to have softer colours available, too.”


Felix Bühler Helene competition shirt

Material: 100% polyester

Colours: Flamingo pink, cobalt blue, lime, navy, stone or white

Sizes: XS–XL

“I think it’s a nice shirt and good for competing. It was comfy to wear and I didn’t get overly hot in it. I was concerned that the ruffles at the front wouldn’t sit neatly under my jacket but, as they’re not bulky, I was pleased with how it looked. I had to adjust the shirt once or twice to keep the ruffles and the buttons central, but it stayed looking smart. The detailing at the front may not be for everyone, but I think it looked smart under a jacket.”


Caldene Ainwick show shirt

Material: 100% cotton

Colour: Cream

Sizes: 11–15in collar

“The fitted shape of this shirt was flattering. Not having sleeves was nice and definitely a benefit when competing in warm weather. It washed well and was easy to iron, although it did crease while I was wearing it. It was quite cool and I liked that the material isn’t see-through at all. It was a good length on me and looked smart. The cream colour looks good with tweed. I found the material to be quite stiff and the collar a bit uncomfortable. Personally, I prefer a softer, stretchy material.”


Premier Equine Esta show shirt

Material: Breathable cotton blend Colour: White

Sizes: 8–16

“The fit was great and very flattering, so I didn’t mind taking my jacket off. It’s a nice length, too, and looks good tucked in or untucked. I loved that it was a traditional shirt at the front and then technical material on the back, so it was still cool and comfortable in hot weather. It washed well, and still looks white and smart – I’d definitely recommend it, as it’s by far the nicest shirt I’ve had. I wasn’t sure about the style of the pleats on the front to begin with, but they were actually quite flattering.”


Horseware Sara competition top

Material: Stretch, wicking technical Colours: White

Sizes: XS–XL

“The shirt fitted well, but was quite long in the body so some material slightly bunched up when tucked in. The collar was close fitting without being too tight and it held my stock well with a loop at the back. I liked the overall look and the lace at the back is pretty. The material is really stretchy, although slightly see-through. It washed well and is still just as white. On very hot days, the shirt became a bit uncomfortable to wear and it didn’t dry very quickly because the material is quite heavy.”


Noble Outfitters Gwen performance top

Material: Ultraviolet protection 50+ rated fabric, with stretch mesh back Colours: Ice or white

Sizes: XS–XXL

“I really liked this shirt. It was cool, fitted well and looked very smart. There was plenty of material to tuck into breeches, but it didn’t make it bulky. My stock tie sat nicely on the collar. The material is really soft and it feels and looks much more expensive than it is! I’ve washed it lots of times and it’s still bright white, and has kept its shape well. I found it a little tight across my shoulders, but not enough to make it uncomfortable.”


Mark Todd dry fit competition shirt

Material: Dry-tech sports

Colours: White, navy or raspberry

Sizes: S–XL

“This top was stretchy, cool and comfy, and it could be worn for general everyday riding and competing. The collar looked good under a jacket without a stock. It was long enough to tuck in with material to spare, which was good for jumping. I liked the subtle sparkle of the diamanté detail on the poppers. It washed well, with no colour bleed from the body to the collar. It became quite static with wear, which made it very clingy, so I was bit self conscious when taking off my jacket.”


Horze Cool ladies’ competition shirt

Material: Stretch technical

Colour: White

Sizes: XS–XXL

“This shirt was a great fit. It wasn’t too bulky under my jacket and the stretchy fabric wasn’t too tight, so it didn’t ride up. It’s hip length, which was just right for me, and isn’t see-through, so I was comfortable wearing it without a jacket. I wore it for showjumping and it allowed for lots of movement in my shoulder. It washed very well – any marks came out on a normal wash. Initially, I was a little put off by the patch and the coloured cuffs, but it actually looks very stylish.”


Equetech Piaffe competition shirt

Material: Stretch technical

Colours: White/sky or white/mulberry

Sizes: 8–18

“This shirt is technical fabric on the lower half, which was cool and comfortable, and a soft cotton on the top half. The pattern makes a nice change to white shirts. The collar is a really nice fit and my stock sat neatly all day. The length is good for both higher- and lower-waisted breeches, and it sat nicely under a jacket. It washed very well, keeping its shape and softness. Although I really liked the pattern, I would have preferred some brighter colour options.”


Razza Pura show shirt

Material: Honeycomb textured body, lace sleeves

Colours: White or sky blue

Sizes: XS–L

“This was a very comfortable, breathable shirt, perfect for hotter days. The lace sleeves are a really pretty touch and I had lots of positive comments when I wore it. It sat well underneath my jacket and is long enough to tuck into high-waisted breeches, but may sit a little short on regular fit breeches. There is no stock loop, but it has pretty diamanté detail on the back of the collar, so I wouldn’t choose to wear a stock anyway. The sizing came up quite small.”


Pikeur 416 short-sleeved competition shirt

Material: Stretch cotton-polyester blend

Colours: White or grey

Sizes: 6–18

“This shirt is lovely – stylish with a bit of bling. It was a great fit and looks smart with or without a jacket. The crystal buttons and diamanté detailing are gorgeous. The fabric has a nice, soft feel and wicks away any moisture – a winner on warm competition days. It has a simple, high collar that accommodated my stock well. I think it’s a good price for a technical fabric that works. It would be nice to have other colour options, such as a soft pink.”


Shires sleeveless stock shirt

Material: AirDri stretch fabric, cotton bib and collar

Colour: White

Sizes: XXS–XXL

“I like that this shirt is sleeveless, as it’s really good for staying cooler on hot days. A pre-tied stock is included and this means that it fits the shirt perfectly. It washed and ironed well, and stayed looking smart. I would recommend this shirt for someone looking for a lightweight, simple show shirt that’s suitable for all disciplines.The material doesn’t have much stretch and while the shape of the shirt is nice, it’s not as fitted as some shirts on the market.”


Dublin Tina show shirt

Material: Comfort dry technical fabric

Colours: Blue or white

Sizes: XS–XL

“This shirt was a nice fit, and the material is cool and comfortable on a hot day. The fitted shape of the shirt meant that it was comfortable and not bulky under my jacket. It’s very stretchy, so was really comfortable for showjumping. It washed well, dried very quickly, and didn’t need ironing at all. The collar style meant I wasn’t able to wear a stock with it. Personally, I prefer a shirt that looks smarter for competitions. This one seemed quite casual to me.”

Equitheme showshirt

Equi-Thème mesh polo shirt

Material: 100% micro-polyester Colours: Light blue, pink, taupe or white

Sizes: 36–42

“This is a lovely shirt. The fabric is light, airy and stretchy, and has a tailored cut to give a flattering fit. I didn’t get too hot, as it offered good wicking qualities. The sleeves are fitted, so very neat under a jacket. It’s a good length, so there’s no bulk when it is tucked in. The collar is high and holds a stock well. I’ve washed it many times, and it came out like new and dried in no time.”


Fouganza ladies’ short-sleeved show shirt

Material: Stretch cotton blend Colour: White

Sizes: 6–18

“I thought this was a good show shirt with a flattering cut. The material is stretchy, breathable, and not see-through, which surprised me considering its affordable price. Due to its traditional style, it looked smart enough to wear without a jacket in warmer weather. The collar was loose, so I had to fold it over to use a stock, which then slipped because there was no stock loop. I would have liked it to be longer in the body, because it came untucked when jumping.”


Ariat Aptos Liberty shirt

Material: Breathable poly spandex blend

Colours: White/navy or white/blossom

Sizes: XS–XL

“I loved the fit of this shirt. It’s made from super-soft material that’s flattering and not too clingy. The collar was a lovely fit and not too tight, and it looked smart under a jacket or just by itself. The length is good for high-waisted or normal breeches. The fabric is light and airy, but not see-through, and I loved the pretty print detail. It washed well and still looks like new. I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a versatile, easy shirt that looks classic and stylish.”


Cavallo Gamira show shirt

Material: Stretch poly blend

Colours: White, sky blue, blue night or hot red

Sizes: 6–20

“This shirt was super comfy to wear, thanks to its stretchy, breathable material. It has a mesh panel on the back just below the collar, which is a nice feature for the summer months. It also has some blingy embroidery on the collar and chest, which is a nice touch and made it feel special without being over the top. The top isn’t see-through, sat nicely under my jacket, and stayed cool and smart all day. It washed well, and has stayed white and bright. I found the collar was slightly too loose, although my stock still sat nicely on the collar.”

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