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Kylix UK Iota infrared heater

When the weather outside is freezing and damp, keeping your horse warm and dry can be a challenge.

Made from quality ceramics, the 1,300-watt quartz red tube of the Iota unit emits infrared rays, which are warming and drying.

The Iota plugs directly into a standard 13 amp socket. It’s energy efficient and has low running costs. Safety is paramount at Kylix UK, so the Iota comes with a pole mounting bracket as standard and has a strong, cast metal housing, complete with mesh grille, covering the infrared tube.

“I was really impressed with this product, especially with how quickly it warmed up – it’s almost instant. It was great when I wanted to take my horses’ rugs off, because I didn’t have to worry that they’d be exposed to cold temperatures.

It’s obviously not as powerful as a solarium, but it’s a great alternative if you’re on a budget. It was really easy to put on the wall and it came with a handy bracket, although screws weren’t included. Other than that, it was very simple – just plug in and go. If I was to change something about this product, it would be adding a power button, as the only way you can turn it on and off is at the mains.  Overall, I was really impressed and since having the luxury of this, I wouldn’t be without one!”

RRP: £99

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