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It’s easy to get into the habit of dashing from one chore to the next at the yard, but while there’s no harm in ditching the odd sweep here or there, a good groom is one of the jobs we should prioritise spending time over. But why’s that?

A thorough going-over is one of the best bond-boosting activities you can enjoy with your horse. He’ll appreciate the full-body massage, and may even help you find his favourite scratchy spots. On the other hand, it’ll also give you a chance to check him for lumps, bumps and cuts or tender areas. Brushing also stimulates blood flow to the skin and helps distribute oils through his coat, keeping his skin healthy and gleaming. Complete grooming kits vary in contents but you’ll generally get a...

  • dandy brush
  • body brush
  • curry comb
  • hoof pick
  • mane comb or brush

We’ve got a selection of grooming kits for you to see what’s on the market now.

Fouganza Adult grooming kit


A great starter kit containing all the essentials as well as a sponge and hoof oil brush. Comes complete with a handy bag to keep it all together.

Lincoln grooming kit


The ideal starter kit, complete with seven pieces and a handy hoof oil brush. It’s packed into a plastic storage box with a practical carry handle.

Kramer Showmaster Oslo grooming box


This eight-piece kit comes in a handy box with a transparent lid. Contains colour  co-ordinated brushes plus a bag of plaiting bands. 

Red Gorilla grooming set and tub


This range comes with a selection of essential brushes, as well as a face brush, bucket brush and sweat scraper. Comes in a 14l black bucket with a boot jack, too.

Premier Equine Soft-Touch set


Smart, soft-touch set that is perfect for use at home or competitions. Includes a sweat scraper, bucket brush and both long- and short-bristled dandy brushes.

Equeenex All-in-one


This waterproof, easy-to-clean grooming bag is packed with all the essentials, plus a unique face curry brush. Each item has a non-slip comfort grip for ease of use.

Hy Sport Active complete grooming bag


A matchy-matchy must-have, this seven-piece set comes in a sturdy bag with plenty of pockets for keeping your kit secure.

Equishine Pro brush set


Four beechwood brushes that come in a handy jute bag. Use them in a set order to create a fantastic all-round shine from the natural fibre bristles.

Kentucky Horsewear essential brush set


A set of six luxury wooden-backed brushes with an ergonomic shape. Classic in design, they’ve been created lovingly to stand the test of time.

LeMieux Flexi brush kit and hardshell box


Complete set of flexible brushes designed to reach almost every part of your horse’s body. Includes a massage comb for some TLC and comes in a hardshell lockable grooming box.

Eqclusive White/Grey/Coloured pack

From £96

Luxury four-piece set tailored to your horse’s coat colour. Includes a step-by-step guide  for achieving best results.

KBF99 Antibacterial grooming set


Soft fibre bristles treated with KBF99 for its bacteria and fungus killing properties. Brushes have been clinically proven to eliminate over 99% of bacteria. 

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