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FalPro Sandown lightweight turnout rug

features 1,200D, 100g turnout rug with liner loops, and an anti-static and antibacterial lining
Colours Red or black
Sizes 5ft – 7ft 3in

“I struggle to find fault with this rug. It fits my horse – a 16.3hh Hanoverian with high withers – like a glove, and despite daily use it’s held up brilliantly and hasn’t leaked or needed any repairs. The removable neck is a good fit and the rubber-covered fillet string is easy to wipe clean. The cross-surcingle belly straps do up through the inside of the rug, and kept it from sliding around, even after a good rolling session.”


Rambo Supreme Lite turnout

1,000D, breathable outer with a V-front closure, wipe-clean tail cord and three cross surcingles
Colours Black/gold or black/orange
Sizes 5ft 6in – 7ft 3in

“I really like the fit and style of this rug. It kept him dry even in heavy rain. The lining is lovely and silky, and his coat looked clean and shiny when I took the rug off.”


Premier Equine Buster Zero

840D, ballistic nylon, breathable outer. Clip chest fastenings, snug-fit neck and fleece-lined wither pad
Sizes 5ft 6in – 7ft

“The rug fitted well on my TB X, as well as a cob type. It has kept him completely dry, even in prolonged, heavy rain. Despite his acrobatics in the field, it rights itself easily, and still looks smart after several washes and many months of regular use.”


Bucas Select turnout

1,200D outer, internal surcingles and front twist fastening with touch tape strap over the top
Colours Navy or ruby
Sizes 5–7ft
Neck cover £49

“This rug was a great fit and hasn’t rubbed anywhere. The surcingles fasten at both ends to the underneath of the rug, which stops the material pulling tight, and the front overlaps so it didn’t gape, even after lots of use.”


Mark Todd lightweight turnout rug

600D, ripstop, breathable outer with buckle and clip chest fastenings
Colours Navy or black/grey plaid
Sizes 5ft 6in – 7ft
Neck cover £42.99

“This rug fitted my horse perfectly and was deep enough to accommodate his larger shoulders. It didn’t leak, even in really heavy rain, and still looks smart.”


Horze Avalanche rain rug

1,200D, ripstop outer with a three-wash waterproof guarantee and detachable leg straps
Colours Blue or black
Sizes 115–165cm

“This rug kept my horse dry even in torrential rain and the elastic in the surcingles gave a close, comfortable fit. The sizing was bigger than I expected, so I would recommend using the sizing chart carefully.”


Derby House Pro polka dot lightweight combo turnout

600D, ripstop, breathable outer with taped seams, full neck with buckle fastenings, and buckle and clip chest fastenings
Sizes 4ft 6in – 7ft

“This rug was true to size and didn’t slip or move about, it was very light and stayed waterproof. The clips were easy and adjustable for a good fit. I didn’t like the material very much, though, as it felt quite crinkly and noisy”


The Big Horse Shop Epic Classic turnout

1,200D outer, extra body depth and longer surcingles
Colours Navy, black or red
Sizes 5ft 3in – 7ft 6in

“The rug was an excellent fit for my bigger horse. It leaked at the tail flap at first, which I was warned could happen until the stitching swells. It didn’t leak again, though, and has performed well and dried quickly.”


Horka Print rain rug

600D, breathable outer with a cotton lining, twist fastenings and detachable elastic leg straps
Colours Blue/grey check or zebra print
Sizes 75–165cm

“This rug was quite high at the chest and neck, so was a good fit for my fine-boned horse. It didn’t leak, but did rip a bit from games with his field mates, so I’d prefer a tougher material for the price.”


WeatherBeeta Comfitec Plus Dynamic rug

1,200D, breathable outer, clip fastenings and elastic, detachable leg straps
Sizes 4ft – 7ft 3in

“This rug was a very good fit for my horse. Usually rugs sit too low on her chest, but this is cut quite high at the neck. I also like the thick memory foam pad at the withers. It’s kept her dry and warm though heavy rain, and hasn’t ripped or torn.”


Felix Bühler Arca turnout

1,200D, tear-resistant, breathable outer with buckle and clip chest fastenings, and elastic, adjustable leg straps
Sizes 4ft 6in – 7ft

“My horse has a high wither and this rug was quite generous in size, so it fitted him well. It showed no signs of any leaks and even with a couple of little snags it hasn’t ripped. It was quick and easy to adjust, and didn’t slip.”


JHL lightweight turnout

600D, ripstop outer with a mesh lining and quick-release front fastenings
Colours Red/black or navy/burgundy
Sizes 5ft 6in – 7ft
Neck cover £28.50

“The rug fitted my horse well and had a good-sized tail flap. It didn’t rub her anywhere and the mesh lining kept the air circulating so I could put it on even if she was warm after exercise. I found the front clips a bit stiff, but it didn’t slip at all.”


Elicouture Chiltern turnout

600D, ripstop, breathable outer with a cotton lining
Two buckle chest fastenings and leg straps
Sizes 5ft – 7ft 3in

“This rug was a good fit and didn’t rub. I liked the deep body and it didn’t leak, even in heavy rain. It’s good quality, too. The bright colours and pattern really suited my horse, but it would be nice to have the option of a plain version.”


Shires Tempest Original Lite turnout

600D, waterproof, breathable, ripstop outer with taped seams.
Two twist chest fastenings Colours Petrol/turquoise or dog print
Sizes 4ft – 7ft 3in

“I was pleased with the fit on my cob – it’s deep at the chest and the adjustable chest fastenings are really helpful. The cut of the rug suited him, and it stayed put and didn’t rub. My horse lives out, so has worn it a lot and it hasn’t been damaged or leaked. It’s excellent value for money.”


Harrison Howard lightweight rug

600D, breathable, ripstop outer with a poly-cotton lining
Colours Imperial blue or aurora red
Sizes 5ft 9in – 6ft 9in

“This was a great fit – snug round the neck and fitted over the back – it has a reasonable tail flap, too. The fastenings were easy and the reflective strips are great for after dark. It hasn’t rubbed at all, didn’t leak and dried quickly after the rain.”

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