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Buying Guides Snug as a rug

Under £100

1. Requisite Classic 600 combo

RRP £74.99

Colours: Grey and red or teal and navy

Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft

Weight: 350g

Denier: 600

0844 5731000


The smooth nylon lining helps to keep his coat clean and shiny. The integral neck features touch-tape fastenings. Includes taped seams, adjustable twin chest straps, shoulder gussets, adjustable cross surcingles, a tail flap and hindquarter pleats.

2. Jenkinson Equestrian Elico Snowdon 300 combo   

RRP £84.95

Colour: Black check

Sizes: 5ft – 7ft
Weight: 300g
Denier: 1,200


Available with a standard or combo neck.

The waterproof, ripstop, breathable outer is seam-taped and bar-tacked for added strength. It also has the addition of quick-release clips on the chest straps.

3. Decathlon Fouganza Allweather 500

RRP £79.99

Colour: Anthracite grey

Sizes: 4ft 6in – 7ft

Weight: 450g
Denier: 1,260

0203 0966150


The waterproof and breathable fabric features taped seams and a high-cut neck that covers the withers. The rug has a comfortable, absorbent honeycomb interior and features reflective strips on the back.

4. Pessoa removable hood

RRP £85

Colours: Chocolate or navy

Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft
Weight: 350g
Denier: 600

01922 638094


A durable rug for the colder weather, complete with a removable neck cover for added warmth and comfort. The neck is shaped specifically to keep your horse dry while grazing.

5. Shires Highlander plus 350 combo

RRP £94.99
Colours: Navy, white or burgundy

Sizes: 4ft 6in – 7ft 3in
Weight: 350g

Denier: 1,200
01568 613600


Benefiting from a waterproof and breathable outer, and deep shoulder gussets, this rug includes an integrated neck cover, taped seams, adjustable cross surcingles, leg straps, a large, pleated tail flap and reflective strips.

6. JHL heavyweight

RRP £99.99 (neck cover £40.99)

Colours: Navy or burgundy

Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft
Weight: 350g
Denier: 1,200

01303 872277


Features include a waterproof, breathable, ripstop outer, nylon anti-rub lining, insulation layer, shoulder pleats, adjustable quick-release front fastenings, low cross surcingles, adjustable leg straps, reflective piping and a pleated tail flap.

£100 and over

7. Masta Climatemasta

RRP £100 (plus £65 for 300g liner, £62.50 for 200g liner, £60 for 100g liner)

Colours: Black and grey or burgundy and navy

Sizes: 4ft 6in – 7ft 6in

Weight: 100g

Denier: 1,200

01274 711010


This rug features integrated, interchangeable liners for the ever-changing climate. The design allows the separate liners to fix into the rug.

8. Bridleway Vancouver combo

RRP £109.95

Colours: Navy and blue

Sizes: 5ft – 7ft 3in

Weight: 350g
Denier: 1,200

0845 2419970


Featuring extra-deep leg gussets, an anti-rub neck cover, clip chest fastenings and reflective strips.

9. Rachael Kelly Equestrian Accessories

RRP £129.99

Colours: Blue and pink spotty
Sizes: 5ft – 7ft

Weight: 350g
Denier: 1,200

07624 263097


This rug has a nylon lining to prevent rubbing, as well as a side gusset to allow freedom of movement when playing in the field. It features fully-adjustable, quick-closure front clips. Additionally, it has cross surcingles and the leg straps detach.

10. WeatherBeeta Original combo

RRP £134.99

Colours: Black and yellow
Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft
Weight: 360g

Denier: 1,680

01295 226900


Features the original side gusset for natural movement and an extra-large tail flap for great weather protection.

Additional features include quick-clip front chest closures, and adjustable and removable leg straps.

11. John Whitaker CRUJ

RRP £140

Colour: Navy

Sizes: 5ft 6in – 6ft 9in

Weight: 350g
Denier: 600

01706 340500


The hood can be easily attached with a zip fastening. The rug is coated with Teflon and the chest clips are reinforced with a large Velcro panel. The belly features crossed double surcingles.

12. Mark Todd heavyweight combo

RRP £144.99

Colours: Navy or plaid

Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft 3in
Weight: 350g
Denier: 1,200
01303 872277

Waterproof and breathable, this rug gives protection from the elements, even when grazing, thanks to the extra-long integral neck cover, which is gusseted at the wither for freedom of movement. Also includes shoulder pleats, cross surcingles, removable leg straps, adjustable quick-release front fastenings, a pleated tail flap with a reflective strip and reflective piping on the binding.

13. Bucas Smartex

RRP from £160

Colours: Blue, black or chocolate

Sizes: 125cm – 170cm
Weight: 340g
Denier: 600


The patented stainless steel Click’n Go fastening now has a magnetic snap-lock front panel, meaning there is less of an overlap at the chest. The surcingles are fixed on the inside of the rug, preventing them being caught on external objects. For horses with very big, deep necks, a big neck version is available.

14. Equi-Thème Tyrex all-in-one

RRP £164.90

Colours: Navy, turquoise or grey

Sizes: 5ft 9in – 7ft

Weight: 300g
Denier: 1,680


This rug features adjustable neck protection, high-density, woven nylon with taped seams and an antistatic, anti-chafing nylon lining. There is a full-height shoulder gusset and self-gripping adjustment straps to adjust to your horse’s body type around the base of the neck. Also includes low elasticated surcingles, adjustable and removable elasticated leg straps with snaps, a tail strap and a waterproof tail flap.

15. Shadow Horse    

RRP £170 (neck cover £75)

Colours: Blue violet, with blue violet and silver trim

Sizes: 5ft 9in – 7ft 3in

Weight: 360g
Denier: 1,680

01628 302301


The CoolPlus lining draws excess heat away from the horse’s skin. Additional features include a detachable tail flap, semi-elasticated and removable cross surcingles, leg straps featuring snap closures, and a front buckle with double click fastenings for security.

16. Horseware limited edition 30th year Rambo duo

RRP £310

Colours: Green with red trim

Sizes: 5ft 6in – 7ft 3in
Weight: 300g
Denier: 1,000


This rug features a shine-enhancing, antistatic, antibacterial polyester lining and stays securely in place with a liner loop system. The neck design features a V-front closure. The rug has three cross surcingles, leg arches, reflective safety strips, a wipe-clean tail cord and a 150g hood with liner loops.

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