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Lakeland Fur Nite-Rider boots

Features A waterproof, fur-lined boot with adjustable, reflective straps and a metal shank sole support
Sizes 3–10

“These boots were very comfortable right from the start and I liked that the adjustable straps on the calf made the boots easy to fit. They have a thick sole with good grip, so I felt confident walking through muddy fields. They kept my feet warm and dry, and that’s the most important thing for me on the yard during winter. They’re great as a practical yard boot, but don’t look particularly stylish!”


Just Togs Monterey boots

Leather upper, waterproof, breathable lining, comfort support insole, steel shank and anti-skid rubber sole

Sizes: 4–8

“I love these boots. They look stylish and are incredibly comfortable with no wearing-in required. I wore them on muddy, wet walks, and they had really good grip and kept my feet dry. The lining worked well and stopped my feet from getting too hot. They cleaned up well and without too much effort. I found them a bit loose round the ankle for riding, but they were fine for general hacking. Overall, I thought they were great boots and extremely good value for money. They came up a little big, but it wasn’t too much of a problem.”


Shires Charbury boots

“I thought the boots were true to size, and the footbed was very comfy and felt supportive. They’re completely waterproof, still look smart, are easy to wipe clean and the lining is still in place. Because they’re not tight around the foot or ankle, I only used them for leisurely hacking, but they’re great to wear around the yard. Overall, I think they’re a great yard boot, but I found them difficult to break in. The heel and ankle rubbed, and they were quite rigid around the calf. However, the leather has softened and I’m glad I persevered with them as they’re now extremely comfy!”

Weatherproof, breathable fabric lining, cushioned insoles, rubber stirrup-safe grip soles and tie tops

Sizes: 35–45, standard or wide


Bogs Alexandria boots

Four-way stretch inner bootie, DuraFresh lining, soft leather footbed with shock-absorbing cushion and slip-resistant rubber outsole

Sizes: 38–45 with half sizes

“The boots were true to size and very comfy from day one. Because of the zip and handles, they’re very easy to pull on and off. I was pleased that they kept my feet dry on rainy days, but they aren’t totally waterproof because of the zip. They were fantastic for yard work, had good grip in the mud and kept my feet comfortable all day. In warmer weather, I found them to be breathable. I also really like that they’re smart enough to wear away from the yard. I wasn’t sure about the style to begin with, but the comfort and quality is excellent.”


Brogini Ruscello boots

An adjustable front drawstring, waterproof membrane, combination of grain leather and nubuck

Sizes: 36–43, standard–X wide

“They were true to size and comfortable to wear right from the start. I really liked the style and design, too – they looked smart and stylish, so I was able to wear them at the yard and for horsey days out. The waterproof membrane goes up to the mid-calf and my feet didn’t get wet in spite of being caught in downpours. They’ve worn really well, I’ve walked miles in them and the lining has remained intact. It’s easy to wash them off if they get muddy and I also used them for riding, as they have a chunky rubber sole with a heel. They got a bit sweaty in warmer weather, but they aren’t really designed for warm weather riding.”


Noble Outfitters women’s Stay Cool High Muds

Waterproof, shock-absorbing, antimicrobial insole, breathable, moisture-wicking mesh lining and anti-slip sole

Sizes: 3.5–8.5

“The boots were true to size, and I was particularly pleased that they come in half sizes. They took a little getting used to as they’re quite robust, so feel heavier than other boots. The grip was fantastic on muddy walks and around the yard. They’ve worn well, with no slouching, and after a clean look as good as new. They’re neoprene-lined so are lovely on cold days, and kept my feet warm and dry, although on warmer days, even though they are moisture-wicking, I found them a bit too hot. They’re functional and do their job well, but didn’t feel very stylish.”


Ariat Braemar GTX boots

Waterproof leather upper with a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex lining, shock absorbing midsole and Duratread outsole

Colours: Chestnut or ebony brown

Sizes 3–8.5

“The boots were very comfy, and I was happy to wear them for hours. I’ve worn them through downpours and walking around wet fields, and they were absolutely waterproof. They would be good for yard work, but they’re so nice that I have kept them for walks and horsey days out. They are expensive, but because of the top quality materials and technology they feel like a reasonable buy – especially as they look like they will last for years. It would be good to have the option of different calf fittings. The drawstring tightens them, but people with slimmer calves possibly wouldn’t get the look they were after.”


Dublin Pinnacle boots

Waterproof and breathable with lace adjustment. Leather upper, heel and arch supports, and double cushioning layer

Size: 36–43

“These boots were true to size and a good fit. I especially liked the lacing down the side, which allowed for a larger calf and still looked stylish. They were comfortable right from the start and I had no rubs or blisters at all. I used them mainly for yard work, walking and light hacking. They are completely waterproof and, despite getting covered in mud, brushed up really well and looked good as new. They have a sweat control lining, which worked well and kept my feet from getting too hot. Because of the good design and comfort, I felt they were good value for money. I found that the grip wasn’t quite as good on very muddy ground, but on sand and firmer ground they were great.”


Harry Hall Frost ladies winter boots

Neoprene leg, fleece-lined foot, reinforced inside leg, reflective detail, dirt- and water-resistant coating to upper

Sizes 3–8

“The boots didn’t need any breaking in and were comfy immediately. The zip was easy to do up and I liked the reflective piping. I get really cold feet in the winter, but the fleecy lining in the foot and the neoprene leg kept me warm and cosy. The rubber part was easy to clean, and the sole was nice and grippy on the yard and in the mud. They were comfortable to ride in, too, and the reinforced panel on the inside to protect the neoprene worked well. Although the appearance isn’t to my taste, in terms of comfort and performance they are excellent value for money. The neoprene part was hard to clean, especially when removing the grease from my horse’s coat.”


Rhinegold Elite Vermont boots

Waxy leather outer and waterproof, breathable membrane, faux suede lining and elasticated vent with drawstring

Sizes: 36–42, normal or wide

“The boots were true to size and really comfy from day one. I’ve worn them on walks, on the yard and in all weather conditions, and they have kept my feet dry and comfortable. They’ve held their shape well and I was pleased that they haven’t slouched too much. Personally, I wouldn’t ride in them because of the ridged sole, but they are good for yard work and stylish enough to be worn for smarter country days out. I found that the inner soles tended to come out when I took them off and although I like the lace drawstring feature, it’s very thin and the bow slips undone.”


Horze Rovigo tall boots

Waterproof, lined nubuck leather, double Velcro closure at the calf, durable sole and defined heel for riding

Sizes: 35–42

“I found these boots came up quite big. However, I liked that in colder weather I could wear thick socks without them being too tight. I get very cold feet, so I really liked that they had a fleece lining. They were comfortable from the start and are totally waterproof. I even wore them wading through a river and had no problems with wet feet. They have a good heel for riding, but I found the foot a bit chunky for my stirrups. The sole was tough and they had good grip in the mud. I found they were quite wide around the calf, so I had to close the straps as tight as possible for a good fit. They also slouched down a bit more than I would expect.”


Horka York outdoor boots

Waterproof lined (except for zipper), outer calf leather and suede, mesh lining and an anti-slip rubber sole

Sizes: 36–46

“These boots were true to size and fitted really well. There was no need to break them in, as they were very comfortable from the first wear. I washed my car, walked my dog through wet, muddy fields and bathed my horse in them, and impressively my feet stayed perfectly dry. The thick tread was great for walking through muddy fields and they were breathable, so no hot, sweaty feet. I’ve worn them nearly every day and they’re still as good as new. I wouldn’t change anything. I love the style, height of the boot and how comfortable they are.”


Mark Todd adjustable

Waterproof and breathable lining, grip sole and adjustable calf

Sizes: 37–42

“The boots came up quite big, so I had to wear them with thick socks. The sole is really comfortable and cushioned, which made them great for long days. I used them mainly for yard work and walking. My feet stayed dry in the rain and didn’t get too hot on warmer days. They’ve got good, grippy soles, so are great for walking in muddy fields. They have slouched down a little bit, but this hasn’t made them any less comfortable. They still look smart, too, as the dark brown colour has stopped them from looking grubby. They rubbed a bit to start with as the seam at the ankle is quite hard, although this has softened with wear. It was important to keep the touch tape fastenings free from dirt, so they keep working well.”


Toggi Caledon boots

Waterproof and breathable, all-terrain thermo rubber sole, removable foot bed.

Sizes: 36–43

“The boots were true to size and a good fit. They were a little bit stiff in the leg to start with, but softened quickly and haven’t rubbed or caused any problems. They are waterproof – I’ve hosed them off lots of times after walking through muddy fields and never had wet feet. I like that they are smart enough and comfy enough for outdoor days out. They are quite expensive, but have a good sole for grip and comfort, and haven’t slouched, either, so I feel they’re an investment that is worth the cost. I wouldn’t have chosen a mid-length boot, but I actually found that they were more versatile and looked smarter than I expected.”


Tuffa Fjord boots

Waterproof and breathable membranes, waxed nubuck leather, rubber riding soles

Sizes: 4–12

“These boots were comfy to wear and true to size. They look smart, and the elastic inserts make them easy to get on and off. They’re waterproof, which makes them a great yard boot. They didn’t make my feet too hot when the weather was warm, but they also didn’t keep my feet that warm on really cold days, so I think they’re better as a spring or summer boot. They brushed up well once I’d left them to dry and I could wear them with my chaps to use them for riding. They’re quite chunky, so I didn’t like to use them for riding, even though they’re designed for this purpose as well as being a yard boot.”


Equi-Thème Dermo Dry with laces

ScotchGard protection against rain and stains, antibacterial, absorbent liner, rigid and anti-skid sole

Sizes: 36–44

“I found the boots came up quite big and I could comfortably wear thick socks on cold days. On really cold days they didn’t keep my feet that warm, but on warmer days my feet didn’t get hot, so they make good summer boots. I’ve worn them for lots of long days of walking, and they’ve kept my feet nice and comfortable. Despite all the wear, they still look smart and clean up easily. They’ve been great for yard work – the grippy sole worked really well in the mud and I love how supportive they are. I found that the panel behind the laces designed to keep the water out didn’t work particularly well, but the rest of the boot was totally waterproof.”


Woof Wear Horizon boots

Waterproof nubuck leather upper, breathable internal waterproof membrane, multilayered insole, canvas ankle guard, sole suitable for riding and walking.

Colours: Black or chestnut
Sizes: 37–42

“I really liked that they were comfy from first wear and I’ve had no rubs or blisters, and no issues with wet feet, either. They’ve worn really well, the quality is good and they seem to be built to last. I really like how breathable they are – my feet didn’t sweat in them at all, and I liked the option of having a shorter boot that still offered good support and protection. Although you can ride in these boots, I found them quite chunky and mainly used them as a yard boot. I found they came up quite big, so I ended up with a size smaller than usual. I also found them quite heavy, but generally really liked them.”

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