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Waterproof Jackets

Don’t let bad weather stop you riding. We tested 20 waterproof jackets to see which will keep you dry, no matter how wet it gets

Our testers: The Horse&Rider team rigorously tested the below jackets to see how well they stood up to the unpredictable British weather.

The products


Fouganza blouson coat

Buy if you want a versatile jacket.

“I loved the style with matching jersey ribbed knit at the waist and cuffs. It fitted nicely and was comfortable. I like that it’s not too bulky, so I don’t get hot while riding. The hood needs to be slightly bigger, as it slips back off my head. The fabric at the wrists and waist gets quite wet, but the jacket keeps me dry.”


Felix Bühler Functional Spirit coat

A remarkable price for a reliable waterproof.

“I really like the material – it doesn’t let the rain soak in, so never feels damp or heavy. I like the adjustable wrists, too. The inside zip pocket is really useful for carrying your keys, mobile and wallet without the worry you’ll lose them. The hood is far too big. I have to pull the cords very tight to gather it in, but even this isn’t enough to make it fit snugly.”


Horze Supreme Lianna Club coat

A yard jacket for all seasons.

“I like this jacket a lot. It’s warm but not bulky, allowing for layers to be worn underneath. It’s extremely good in wet weather and the fabric is ideal for the yard.  In my opinion, the thumb loop cuffs are a bit of a pain when riding and working on the yard because they get grubby quite quickly.”


Bridleway Yukon coat

Lightweight rain protection without breaking the bank.

“The length is perfect, offering head-to-toe protection while not being too heavy. It dries quickly, too, and the price is unbeatable. It’s lightweight, easy to move in and really warm. I love it!”


Shires Team Field jacket

Ideal if you want a simple, but practical yard coat.

“I wore this jacket hacking in horrid weather and remained bone dry in it. The pockets are large, secure and waterproof. I find the style practical, but a little plain, and the articulated sleeves didn’t seem to do anything.”


Horseware Brianna coat

Ideal for light rain and layering.

“I liked that the sleeves were a little on the long side so when my arms were bent while riding, my wrists still got good coverage. It was really snug around my neck, which is great for keeping out draughts and light rain. The fabric is good for a water-resistant jacket. The opening to the pockets is quite tight but at least things didn’t fall out.”


Jack Murphy Abbeyville coat

Great for wearing to the pub or the yard.

“I love the shape and it’s easy to wear thicker jumpers underneath. It’s also a good length for riding, keeping the rain out very well. There’s a lovely fleece lining in the body of the jacket and in the pockets, but I was really disappointed that the sleeves weren’t lined and it meant my wrists got wet. The fabric picks up dust easily, but looked really smart when it was clean.”


Just Togs Vermont coat

If you like a bit of bling, even in miserable weather.

“I like the shape and the silver detail against the charcoal. The zip tags are a good size to use even when wearing gloves. It washes well, dries quickly and shavings don’t stick to it. In heavy rain, the inside of the pockets got a little bit wet.”


Horka Outdoor Canyon coat

If you like a slightly longer coat that stands up to yard life well.

“I really like that it’s not too heavy, but it’s still warm. I don’t heat up while riding in it. I also really like the adjustable waist cord so the jacket has some shape to it and is flattering. I would prefer adjustable wrists so that water doesn’t run up the sleeve when washing my horse off.”


Townend Tie Performance coat

Perfect to be layered with a gilet.

“I love the extended neoprene-type cuff because it stopped water running up the sleeve when washing my horse. The material is really waterproof and doesn’t show any stable dirt. I prefer a fitted shape.”


Equi-Thème King coat

Perfect for the yard fashionista!

“The jacket is 100% waterproof, very comfortable and keeps me warm. I love the size of the pockets, and that it’s not too big and bulky for riding in. The high collar is really nice. I would have preferred a jacket with a hood and I would have liked to see a few more technical features for the money.”


Toggi Clementine coat

Perfect if you prefer a longer length jacket.

“This jacket is easy to move in and a good fit. The extra length is brilliant, especially when washing buckets or filling haynets, because it doesn’t leave your back exposed. The sleeves are thinner than the rest of the coat, so in cold weather a jumper is a must.”


PK Grafiek coat

Keep warm and dry in this stylish number.

“I like the high collar because it kept my hair dry when I had my riding hat on, and the outside breast pocket was easier to get my phone from than inside the jacket. It was really warm and dry. I thought it came up a little small in size and I did manage to pull off a zip tag, but the zip remained intact.”


Ariat Burney coat

For those needing a smart and functional yard coat.

“I really like the fit and the drawstring waist. The zip pockets are secure and roomy. I also like that it is lightweight, so it keeps me dry but not too hot when schooling. The hood is big, so it doesn’t stay up when it’s windy.”


Evolution Insulated coat

You want to look stylish and remain bone dry.

“I bathed my horse and got the jacket completely drenched, but no water ran up the sleeves and the fabric remained watertight. It’s stylish and the quality is fab. I was surprised to find that the zipper is on the right, not the left, which is unusual for a woman’s jacket and took a while to get used to.”


HV Polo Heather coat

Perfect for when the temperature drops.

“The two-way pockets are brilliant, and keep your hands warm and your items separate. I really love the look and style, too. I think it’s exceptionally good value for money. The material is really durable and smart. The vented bottom means that it’s comfortable in the saddle. The thick material makes it quite heavy to ride in.”


Baleno Kensington coat

Stay dry and elegant from head to toe.

“It’s a really smart, elegant coat. The fabric was soft, not rustly like most long waterproof coats, which was great as my horse is a youngster so I was worried about it upsetting him. I wish the outer pockets zipped up – they have a single popper, which made me feel hesitant about putting anything valuable in them when out riding.”


Mountain Horse Windsor coat

A well-designed, quality riding jacket.

“The fit is sublime. It’s tapered at the back so it’s flattering and is comfy to ride in. The high collar kept my neck warm and dry. It’s easy to get confused and try to open the zip to the pocket rather than the main zip, as they’re located next to each other.”


Cavallo Faye coat

Perfect for wrapping up against the cold weather.

“It’s really warm and comfortable with lots of fill, but still feels light. It’s great for dog walking, too, as it has so many pockets. The material is resilient and effective for yard jobs. Hay gets stuck to the fleecy cuffs and, unless you tuck them away, they get wet.”


Pikeur Salima

If you like to layer, this jacket is ideal.

“I like the style of this jacket, especially the detailing on the sleeves and the warm collar. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, and the fit is perfect. I would have preferred it to be longer.”

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