Finding the perfect bedding for your horse can be confusing, so we've put together a list of different options for you!

Puffin Equine Pellets

  • 01464 820011
  • RRP £5.50 for 15kg
  • Sterile wood-fibre pellets made from top-quality raw materials with no additives. The manure separates from the fine wood fibres, which reduces the amount of bedding waste.

Pellet Beds Equine Max

  • 01789 761333
  • RRP £4.98 for 15kg
  • Made from natural British wheat straw. Specifically grown for bedding, its springy straw fibres are softer and shorter to allow them to absorb moisture quickly, without requiring watering before use.


  • 01466 700367
  • RRP from £5.27 for 18kg
  • Absorbent wood pellets that provide a cost-effective bed. Made from sustainable, premium-grade timber from Scottish forests. Spruce pine is naturally antiseptic, fresh and highly-absorbent, so it soaks up odours and moisture.


  • 01285 648240
  • RRP £7.50 for 15.91kg
  • Aquamax is a wood crumble made using pure pine whitewood, giving absorbency and the ability to neutralise ammonia.

Snowflake Supreme Woodshavings

  • 0870 7500805
  • RRP £8.50 per bale
  • Snowflake is manufactured from virgin softwood sourced from sustainable sources within the UK. Insulating and cushioning properties make for a comfortable bed.


  • 01668 213467
  • RRP £7.50 per bale
  • A large-flake, purpose-made, natural, dust-free shaving made from British pine. The flakes are designed to produce a deeper, more aerated bed. It maximises cushioning for joints and minimises moisture, which can damage hooves.


  • 0161 3016600
  • RRP range from £6.50 – £7.50 per bale
  • Made from clean, recycled whitewood, it’s dust-free and the wet drains through to the bottom, leaving the top dry. Droppings stay on top and can be easily lifted off. It has Organic Farmers and Growers approval.

Safemix Equestrian Bedding

  • 01675 443888
  • RRP £6.49 per bale
  • A blend of woodshavings and shredded woodfibre. Produced specifically for equine use, it’s dust-extracted and is the official bedding at the Horse of the Year Show 2015. The woodfibre undergoes a sanitisation process to kill fungal spores, moulds and bacteria.

Comfybed Plus

  • 01909 773151
  • RRP range from £5.98 per bale
  • Dust-extracted, blended woodchip and woodshavings in an extra-large bale.

Caviera Raviera Pro

  • 01302 759420
  • RRP from £7 per bale
  • Pure rape straw that has been chopped, dust-extracted and sterilised. 99% of all spores, mould and allergens have been eradicated, while maintaining high absorbency and softness.

Nedz Pro

  • 01254 677762
  • RRP £7.80 per bale
  • Raw, chopped, dust-extracted rape straw. Containing manuka, cade oil, aloe vera and silver, the bedding provides an anti-bacterial, insecticidal and anti-fungal base for your horse.

Bliss Bedding

  • 01335 310202
  • RRP £7.50 per bale
  • Made using biodegradable rape straw that’s finely chopped and dust-extracted. Treated to guard against harmful airborne bacteria. A bittering agent is added to make the bedding extremely unpalatable. It absorbs liquid, which clumps together and sinks to the bottom of the bed, and is easy to muck out with a standard shavings fork.

Bedsoft Original

  • 01277 375647
  • RRP £6.50 per bale
  • BedSoft Original is made from the very best wheat straw from our farms. Using the special BedSoft treatment process. BedSoft is easy to muck out, has a very low dust content, and is extremely unpalatable compared to traditional un-processed straw. It also produces far less muck!


  • 07739 165083
  • RRP £10 per bale
  • Derived from the soft centre of the hemp plant and cultivated without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or insecticides.

The Green Bedding Company

  • 01869 233588
  • RRP £5.83 per bale
  • Made entirely from recycled, clean, dry cardboard designed specifically for equine bedding, which contains virtually no dust.

Bed-Down Excel

  • 01986 785278
  • RRP ranging from £7.50 – £10 per bale
  • Designed to use the advantages of both straw and softwood shavings. The added lemon fragrance is naturally unpalatable to horses, which deters horses from eating their beds, while helping to keep your stable fresh.

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