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While a lot has changed in our understanding of stereotypic behaviours in horses, learning about the causes of difficult equine behaviours has been slower to be updated. But we know every reader will agree that we owe it to the horses we love so much to not just stick to the old ways of thinking we were taught as children, and to update our knowledge to ensure we’re able to provide the best care we can.

This issue, Redwings Senior Welfare Veterinary Surgeon Nic de Brauwere explains that different kinds of behaviour you may previously have dismissed as quirky or tricky could actually be indicators of anything from low-level discomfort to fairly significant pain, even if the horse is not obviously lame. It makes sobering reading, as we’re sure we can all recall a horse we’ve known who displayed some of the behaviours Nic discusses. But knowledge is power, and getting the word out to horsey friends is the best thing we can all do to help as many horses as possible live happy, pain-free lives.

Whatever your chosen discipline, building solid foundations through your flatwork will help set you up for success, and in the first part of her series, eventer Phoebe Locke shares her schooling secrets to achieve three key elements that will improve your horse’s way of going. Find out how to boost your connection and scores with Phoebe’s exercises on p32.

One of the best things about working for Horse&Rider is meeting all the wonderful people who are involved in the equestrian world and sculptor Holly Hickmore is no exception. During a recent interview with Holly, Staff Writer Nicky discovered more about her work – how she got into sculpting, the equine models who inspire her and some of the incredible assignments she’d been commissioned to do over the years. On page 8 you’ll see some fine samples of her work, which is all carried out from her Hampshire-based studio.

Not only this, but the September issue of Horse&Rider also comes with the brand new AW23 Shires catalogue!

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