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Steps to better flatwork

Set yourself up for flatwork success with easy-to-follow exercises from dressage rider Alice…

Say goodbye to mud fever

Mud fever is the bane of winter for many horses and their owners.…

Tackling tendon injuries

Tendon injuries can be tricky to heal, but with early detection and the…

Horse&Rider Magazine – January 2018

January Horse&Rider is out now, and it's the perfect winter ... Watch Video

How to tackle water with Lucinda Green
How to tackle water with Lucinda Green

Ready to make a splash? Lucinda Green explains how you can m ... Watch Video

How to ride cross-country combinations with Lucinda Green

With your cross-country foundations firmly in place, it's ti ... Watch Video

Rebecca Howard showjumping warm-up fences
Tackling types of warm-up fences with Rebecca Howard

Warm-up for success with Rebecca Howard as she explains the ... Watch Video

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