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Horse&Rider – August 2016

Boost your confidence whilst hacking and win a years sponsorship from Blue Chip horse feeds, all in August Horse&Rider!

Is it possible to forget how to ride? I'm not sure - as a confirmed horse-nut from before I could talk, I haven't been out of the saddle for more than a fortnight since I learnt to ride at the age of six. After spending a couple of years enjoying the quiet life with my elderly horse, last year Ted came... more

Inside your horse’s leg

Have you ever wondered how such spindly, delicate-looking legs are able to support your horse’s substantial body? Vet Laura Jones from the Animal Health Trust takes a close look at these amazing structures.

Most lamenesses are caused by problems with a structure in... more

Strip grazing explained

Warmer weather means rapid grass growth, so it may be time to rethink how much your horse has access to. Horse&Rider explains the benefits of strip grazing and how to implement it.

While you're probably familiar with strip grazing as a method... more

Dust bust your stable

Dust can affect your horse’s comfort, performance, and happiness – and you can prevent it. Horse&Rider explains how to get rid of stable dust once and for all.

We've all been there - out for a ride on a beautiful summer... more

Hacking problems – solved

Whether you hack for fun or out of necessity, if it doesn’t all go to plan, it can really affect your confidence and enjoyment.

"My horse can be spooky" While some horses are naturally more... more
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August 2016 Horse&Rider

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Win a years sponsorship from Blue Chip horse feeds and boost your hacking confidence, all in August Horse&Rider... Buy now!

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