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Horse&Rider – October 2016

Teach yourself lateral work with expert advice from international dressage rider Gareth Hughes and win a Horseware winter wardrobe, all in October Horse&Rider!

Our photoshoot with top eventer Harry Meade was scheduled for a mid-August day, so we hoped for glorious sunshine. Of course, the British weather had other plans for us - isn't that always the way? Despite the torrential rain that had me, photographer Bob and videographer Sophie wrapped up in winter... more

Jump courses to build at home

How can you prepare your horse to jump a course when you only have a few jumps and a small arena? H&R has some handy suggestions

It's important to practise your jumping at home so that you're... more

Lateral thinking

Lateral work is important because it helps to keep your horse supple. There’s no getting away from the fact that none of our horses are getting any younger and with age comes stiffness. But if you make lateral work a regular part of your horse’s exercise programme, it’ll help to keep him supple and moving freely.

The movements can seem a bit daunting if you're new to them,... more

Avoiding autumn laminitis

Laminitis is usually associated with a flush of new spring grass, but mild, wet autumn weather can also spell trouble for your horse. H&R explains what you can do to minimise the risk

When we think of laminitis, the image that usually comes to... more

What’s my bit really made of?

Choosing the best bit for your horse isn’t only about finding the right design. Find out why the material your bit is made from is just as important

Your horse's bit is an important method of communication between... more
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October 2016 issue

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Win a Horseware winter wardobe and brush up on your lateral work with top tips from Gareth Hughes, all in October Horse&Rider! ... Buy now!

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