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Horse&Rider – March 2016

Choose the right bit | Hack with confidence | Horse senses explained | Mark Todd's Jumping Tips | Waterproof coats on test

Message from the editor:Many years ago, I recall hearing of two horses at a nearby yard who had died of botulism. I had no idea what that was, but I remember my teenage self being very unsettled by the stories of the horses' unpleasant deaths. Twenty years on, and while botulism remains uncommon, it... more
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Wage war on sweet itch

Believe it or not, spring and summer will be here in no time and for some horses this means the dreaded battle with sweet itch is back on.

What is it? Sweet itch is a severe allergic reaction to the... more

Developing a showjumping canter

Enhancing your horse’s canter will help improve his jump. International showjumper Robert Whitaker shows you how to go about it.

Canter is the most important pace for showjumping. When your... more

Are you fit to ride? The final circuit

Improve your riding by building your strength and body condition. This month, we show you how to become fitter, more balanced and stronger in the third part of our series.

Before you start, make sure you always warm up and cool down... more

Fine tune your flatwork

Learn how to get the most out of your horse, with position tips and secrets to improve his way of going from Spanish Riding School maestro Florian Bacher

It's important to begin at the beginning - if you're not riding... more
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