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Horse&Rider – January 2015

Fix your fears | 7 ways to improve your feel | WIN natural horsemanship training and champion gear | Horsey Christmas makes

Take the reins with January Horse&Rider, find out how to tune in and get a better feel when riding your horse. Plus fix your fears and regain your confidence with our special feature. You could also be in with the chance of winning natural horsemanship training PLUS Champion gear. Grab your copy... more
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H&R Advent Calendar Day 1

1st December: What horsey prize is behind today's window?

Every day in the run-up to Christmas, Horse&Rider have... more

Confidence for equestrians

All of us have felt our confidence fade away when faced with a particularly naughty horse or following an accident. But how do you get back that self-belief?

In the January issue of Horse&Rider, Anna Beattie explores... more

Growth factors

Sarcoids are the most common type of equine skin tumour. They vary in appearance from subtle scaly lesions to rapidly-growing, fleshy lumps. Did you know that…

• sarcoids are thought to be transmitted by flies?• they... more

Christmas with vitamunch

The munch bunch are getting together this Christmas with this special edition vitamunch gift pack from Equilibrium Products.

vitamunch - the healthy snack with added benefits - each pack... more
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January 2015 Issue

January 2015 Horse&Rider Magazine £3.99

Out now!

Beat those nerves and win natural horsemanship training with January Horse&Rider!... Buy now!

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