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Horse&Rider - September 2016

Improve your cross-country with Harry Meade and win a pair of Ariat boots, all in September Horse&Rider!

Pretty much every horsey icon is on our wishlist to interview for Horse&Rider. Of course, it's not always easy to track down these global stars, whose timetables are always action-packed. However, after a couple of months of careful planning, the diligent keeping free of diaries to fit around flight... more

Getting the nod

Headshaking in horses can be so violent that it prevents them from being ridden and can cause great distress. Vet Sue Dyson from the Animal Health Trust explains more about this strange condition

Anything that causes your face to itch or tingle is more than... more

Saddle up

Choosing a saddle is a big decision, and knowing when it might not be fitting and performing at its best is important, too. Master Saddler, Roger Coates, explains more

Saddles provide you with great assistance while you're riding,... more

Worming myth busters

Managing your horse’s worm burden is important for his health and that of your grazing, but with so much information out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. H&R has asked industry experts to help sort the facts from the fiction

"I've heard that wormers can damage my horse's liver, is this... more

Hacking hang-ups

A hack may seem like the ideal way to spend time with your horse, but confidence issues can soon put a stop to that. H&R has some simple solutions to help you enjoy hacking again

"I'm riding a different horse" When you've owned your horse... more
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