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Riding after knee replacement. more...>

Appreciate help for wring an essay on horse riding more...>

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Horse&Rider – November 2014

First-aid kit must haves | How to build your horse’s trust | Training exercises for young horses | Atypical myopathy essential facts | How to make lesson notes

19/09/14  09:44 Get your November issue from 25th September for top advice from experts on getting your youngster ready for jumping, how to enrich your horse's environment, everything you need to know about Atypical myopathy, gorgeous gear for Autumn/Winter, chances to win amazing prizes and much... more
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Leg-yielding three quarter line to track

Working as a ride, turn onto the three-quarter line and ride in absolutely straight to the end of the arena. Progress to leg-yielding to the track – sounds simple until you add multiple horses and riders!

Turning onto the three quarter line and maintaining straightness... more

23 essential rugging tips

As winter approaches, most horse owners are thinking of rugging their horses.

We look at what type of rug your horse needs, including how... more

The Good Life

Have you ever thought about how you might improve your horse’s paddock or loose box? We went behind the scenes at Paradise Wildlife Park to find out how they manage animals in captivity, and picked up some tips on avoiding stress, boredom and stereotypic behaviours.

If you've ever visited a good zoo or safari park, you'll know... more

Horses Helping People – Live Demonstration

Come and see the powerful, life changing EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) model in action.

Equine Assisted Activities for growth and learning forpersonal... more
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