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Horse&Rider – April 2015

Flatwork Fundamentals with the Davisons | Understanding laminitis | Manage coat change | Perfect your position

April Horse&Rider is on sale 12th March – get top training tips from the Davisons in part one of our fantastic new flatwork series, find out the latest information on wormer resistance and learn how to resolve tension for a happier riding experience. ... more
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Red Marauder and the Grand National *H&R Promotion*

In 2001, Red Marauder cantered to victory in the Grand National with just four horses finishing the race.

The horse, owned and trained by Norman Mason, was a hefty 33/1... more

Equine Influenza Virus *H&R Promotion*

Equine influenza is one of the most common infectious diseases in horses, but the complications caused by the virus can be easily managed if you know what to do. This article puts together some important information regarding this illness, so that you will be prepared if you ever need to be.

The history of the equine influenza virusThe first big outbreak,... more

Routine Testing, Not Routine Worming *H&R Promotion*

As the resistance to wormers continues to rise, it is vitally important that horse owners use Faecal Egg Count tests to find out if worming is necessary.

"Parasitic worms can seriously undermine the health and wellbeing... more

Foal’s first walk to the field – getting it right

Everything you need to know about guiding your foal from stable to paddock. Follow Horse&Rider’s tips to make this a smooth operation.

Getting your hands on a cute foal is very exciting, but there... more
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April 2015 Issue

April 2015 Horse&Rider

£3.99 – Buy now!

Resolve tension for confident riding and train with the Davisons in April Horse&Rider!... Buy now!

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