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Getting the most out of your gridwork

Jumping a grid is a great way to improve your horse’s rhythm, balance…

Suppling solutions

There are many reasons why your horse might lack suppleness and it can…

Under his feet

Many horses have had thrush at some point in their lives and, for…

Horse&Rider – December 2016

Ride your way to a supple horse with expert advice from Gare ... Watch Video

Pippa Funnell’s gridwork essentials

Jumping a grid is a great way to improve your horse's rhythm ... Watch Video

Pippa Funnell’s polework secrets

Pippa Funnell shows you her polework secrets in November Hor ... Watch Video

Kelly Marks – Leading

Kelly Marks shows you how to lead your horse the intelligent ... Watch Video

12hh Welsh Mountain Pony

POA 12 – 13.3HHHH 15 Years
14 – 14.3HHHH
8 Years
16 – 16.3HHHH
5 Years
14 – 14.3HHHH
14 Years
12 – 13.3HHHH
10 Years

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